Commission on selling Land

pipodyerFebruary 14, 2013

Hi, I have been asked by a "land seller" to help him sell a piece of land within my social circle. I am not a realtor nor a knowledgeable person in regards selling land; However I have connections.

Due to my limitation in regards this topic, I have many questions I would appreciate clarification, for example:

1) It is true that the seller pays the commission?
2) Can I also received an incentive or commission from the buyer (my connection)
3) Who is entitled to earn a commission on this schema?
4) The land in question is far away from the buyer location, who will pay travel expenses?
5) What would be my benefits of having a Realtor license?

Thanks so much for your input.

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1.) Everything is negotiable
2.) Depends on the state you are in but most do no allow unlicensed people to sell real estate for a commission...if you are the owner or on salary of the owner then maybe.
3.) Everything is negotiable.
4.) Everything is negotiable.
5.) You might know what you are doing and not end up getting a lawsuit filed against you.

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1, Yes, the seller pays the commission
2. Licensed agents can only offer and receive commission from other licensed agents. No "Bird Dogging" allowed.
Can you ask the buyer to pay your commission? Yes, but good luck with that!
3. Chances are once you point this property out to a buyer, they are going to hire a buyers agent, who is going to expect a commission from the seller.
4. Traditionally, buyers pay their own expenses. I couldn't see a seller wanting to pay this for someone who has not even seen the property yet.
5. I don't really understand your question here. Since you do not have a license, you are ok to bird dog all you want and have an agreement with the seller, nor a buyer, to locate buyers and/or properties.

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In my state as an unlicensed person cannot be paid commission on a real estate transaction.

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It is not a commission,... it is a finder's fee. You are not representing the fiduciary interests of the seller.
What state do you reside in, terriks?

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Sounds like the person needs to be licensed to even accept a finders fee in NC.
Finders fee...bird dogging...referral fee...I think we all know what the intent is and it is actually a commission for finding a buyer for services rendered.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bird Dogging?

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Real Estate Agent/Salesperson/Broker/etc = state license, bound to state laws & regulations

Realtor = member of the National Assn of Realtors, additional ethics and standards of practice to follow

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I live in Oregon, and a "finder's fee" or "referral fee" is considered a commission and can only be paid to a licensed real estate broker.

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I believe the best thing to do is seek advice from someone who is into real estate/property. Also, you can do online search to know more about sales commission.

By the way, nice forums/threads. I'm new here, and looking forward to more discussions.

Peter Vekselman

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Take the time to read the forum's rules... no advertising one's services.

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