Help! Our Amerock hardware will not fit on Ikea Adele cabinets?

beagelmutMarch 4, 2013

wondering if anyone else has had issues with the Amerock hardware fitting on the Ikea Adele kitchen cabinets? We already drilled the holes and now the screws are too long I'm assuming since Ikea is a thinner cabinet :-( Any advice is appreciated!!

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Can you source some shorter screws?

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Or cut the screws. Our installer had to do that for some of the handles.

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Buy shorter screws?

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My Top Knobs hardware came with very long screws. My cabinet installer explained to me that they screws are long to accommodate a variety of cabinet scenarios. They are meant to be snipped to a shorter length in the field.
(Of course he then said he didn't like that kind of screw and bought all new ones the exact length.)

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Sophie Wheeler

They are meant to be cut in the field to adjust to different uses.

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Most manufacturers supply screws for a standard 3/4" or 20mm thick door. I checked an Adele door I have here and it is 18mm. This is Ikea's way to save costs on materials and shipping(big cost!). This is a 10% saving on door frame material.Some handles by design do not have enough material in them to allow then to be drilled and threaded deeper for more flexibility.

As mentioned Top Knobs supplies a notched or break-off screw that is close to 1-3/4" long. because their items are all tapped with a metric thread, (not easily found in the US). This dates back to when most of their product was sourced in Europe and M4 was the standard. The caution with break-off screws is taking care not to drop the cut off piece and damage floors etc.

If you cannot find shorter screws you can use 1 or 2 small washers on the screw that will effectively shorten the screw length.

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