Tile ideas needed to create expensive tile for less...please

remodelflaMarch 8, 2013

This is kinda OT cause it's for my tiny master bath. I will post over on bathrooms too but stopped in here first.
I love the look of this:
by Trikeenan. I'm guessing it's around $38 sq. ft. or so.

Any ideas how I can create a something similar for less? I'd like 2x8 or 3x9 would work. Right now I'm just tossing around ideas.

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I used Cepac Tile borders, Luminous collection. Each sheet was about $20. The website does not do them justice. Actually, the website makes them look pretty bad! Smaller than you were looking for, but worth finding a tile shop that carries them so you can take a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cepac Tile, Luminous

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It is so hard finding something that you truly love. If you can wait, why not try to save up for it?
It would look spectacular.

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If I absolutely can't find anything else I like that works I would spend the money... reluctantly. I just feel like it's alot of spend on a teeny master bath that no one but us goes into. I can't help but feel if I keep trying I can come up with a similar look for less.

I am ALL over the place with this bathroom. I have everything but the tile. I have some Waterworks thasso marble I found on craigslist for a steal. I'm not sure I'm going to use it though. Right now I'm just tossing around ideas.

Thanks for the help thus far!

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It really depends how much you consider "less". California Art Tile has some handmade 2x8 in white and gray in the 20 range. There is also a series by a spanish company called Natucer that makes 2x10 and 2x20 in a range of colors. That retails for 6 -10.

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If you find a larger tile you can cut it down. We did that in our bathroom. We put 8x10 tile in the shower and then cut some down to 3x8 for around the sink.

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debrak... how do the edges look when you cut them down?

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Heath Ceramics in soft white and muslim... $16.50

Horus Art has 2x6 where I can combine 2 colors and same with the Natucer in 2x10.
However... I lose that cool glazing in the colors. So... I guess it depends on how much I really want that look and if I'm willing to pay for it.

Dunno yet. Anymore ideas?

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Here is a photo.

Some edges are slightly rough (for lack of a better word) which to use looks like the tile was made that way.

The tile is ceramic. DH cut all the tile. We didn't have to use this tile. We just had alot left from the shower and thought lets try it, and we liked it.

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hi remodelfla,

I'm not sure you would be interested in this, it is probably not what you want, BUT I saw this bathroom that Sarah R. did using Lowe's tiles. The overall look is great, there are white subways, cream tiles, gray pencil tile, and the floor is an inexpensive marble that she laid with a mesh marble subway tile cut to make the border. If you look at the details closely you can see how they did it all. I think it really gives a high end look for not a lot of money. Here is one picture, if you want more, just let me know, I have some close ups.

They also used a white chair rail tile to cap it off as it went around the room. In other parts of the room they simply used the cream tile from floor up, then hit the gray pencil, white subway, gray pencil, white chair.

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thanks bee and debrak... those pics really help and the tiles look great. I'm also looking at Sonoma Star. They have the sizes I like and the colors will approximate the look. I think they run under $15 a sq.ft. I'd then spend the $$ to accent with something fabulous and pricey. I guess I have to find a place online to order samples if I can.

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