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patty2430February 27, 2014

Daughter & husband are in the process of purchasing their first home, and the inspector is scheduled to be there Saturday. He said he'd get there around 11:30 or noon, but stated that DD & DH should not be there to meet him until 1 p.m. or after. What gives? If I were purchasing this house, I'd want to see exactly what inspector was looking at, concerns, etc.

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He needs time to thoroughly examine the property (including crawling into fairly small spaces, up on the roof, testing the electrical service, etc.). He doesn't need them on his heels and hanging over his shoulder while he does his job (plus it could be dangerous if they did), but they will be fully informed of his assessment of the property starting at the 1:00 appointment time.

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You are correct Patty, your dd or sil should be there right from the start. They need to see everything the inspector sees. My husband has been to all of our home inspections on the houses we have purchased. He went where the inspector went. No reason not to. The inspectors encouraged him to be there. I would be there at 11:30 right along with the inspector. You are right to be a bit suspicious. NancyLouise

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When I purchased my home the inspector encouraged me to be there with him. He explained things along the way, and even included information about routine maintenance, etc. which I would not have thought to ask about. I was careful to not be a pest, but there were a few questions I had for which he provided assurance, etc. I wish I had brought along a notepad and pen. He was a little like a knowledgable father...I really appreciated the experience, and I would want it next time.

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Well, the home inspector was at the house for almost three hours, and the experience could not have been better. He went through the house with a fine-tooth comb, set up a radon-detection unit for a 48 hour period, and reviewed everything with daughter and SIL so they understood his entire process. There is a problem that needs to be attended to, but not at a huge cost so we're all relieved. The inspector was not at all bothered by everyone in the house while he was there, and answered questions along the way. He took a lot of time during his review to point out what was good and what should be looked at and maybe redone or reviewed. DD and SIL are very excited now to close and start working on their first home! Thank you for the input!!

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I have met inspectors just like this. It is just a personality thing. Some inspectors just like to do the brunt of the work alone, and then have the clients come in for a summary later.
However, I advise any of my inspectors that the buyers have the call... follow the money.

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I would not use an inspector that did not allow/want me to be present.

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