Searching for Fabric Bowls pattern

murphy_zone7April 26, 2012

Hello everyone...I think I remember someone here made some kind of fabric bowl/cover for using in the microwave to prevent burning your hands on the hot bowl. My elderly mother is having a problem getting hot bowls and plates out of the microwave and I think I remember seeing these somewhere....maybe here????

(I am not as elderly as my Mom but my memory just ain't what it used to be LOL)

If anyone remembers what I am talking about, I would appreciate any information. I did a google search and nothing came up like I am remembering.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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What a great idea! I found this on the net - see link.


Here is a link that might be useful: Microwave Fabric Bowls

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This is a great idea! Thanks for finding the tutorial, Peggy!

I've made fabric bowls, but haven't made any for the microwave. The ones I have wouldn't work because I used that heavy fusible material for shaping. But the idea is similar and I'm adding microwave bowls to my ToDo list. What a great housewarming gift these would be, along with a couple nice soup bowls!


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Murphy, here is the one Caroline posted on this forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bowl holder

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Donna, I knew Caroline had posted a pic of her bowl holder and the URL to QIAD for the tute. You found it faster than I did!'s still morning and my brain doesn't wake up til noon.

I wonder if she has them in her Etsy store.....anyone know?


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I had forgotten that Caroline posted this before. I'm so glad for the reminder about these bowls!

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I hope Caroline pops by - I sent her an email through the Quilt In A Day forum site letting her know we're interested in her fabric bowls.


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Thank you Peggy for finding the tutorial but the one I remember is the one Donna posted from caroline. Can not believe it was just in January of this year and I posted a comment about it! And still forget it....but I did remember the bowl idea which is fantastic. I think making it larger would be easy and would fit larger plates/bowls that are used in the microwave.
I am telling you....I miss my mind and wish it would come back! lol
Thanks to all of you. Now to make a note, tack it to the wall, or pin to my shirt, and make a couple of these for my mom. Before I forget again.
Bless all of you,

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