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lonestar245August 14, 2011

I have a 25k gallon pool with a raised spa that has waterfall dropping into the pool. The spa waterline is about 3' above the water line of the pool. the pump sits maybe 6" above the water line of the pool.

When I bought the house, the pool had a 2hp aqua-flo "A" pump, and a 72sf Nautilus DE filter, and a Polaris vac with booster pump. All circa 1981. I had the pump and filter replaced by a national chain when they were running a "fee install" deal. Not knowing any better, I let them recommend a 2hp Hayward Super II pump and 72sf Hayward DE filter.

I quickly discovered the new pump had a lot more flow than the old aqua-flo. My spa would now "turn-over" even if the Polaris was on, and/or the filter was quite dirty- something the old pump would not do. Undoubtedly I could have purchased a smaller HP pump due to the better efficiencies of modern modern pumps.

Now I am having trouble with the Super II- it leaks between the strainer housing and the seal plate- and I cannot seem to fix it. I have replaced all seals, gaskets, o-rings at least three times in the last year, as well as the diffuser, impeller, and impeller ring. It always leaks the same upon re-assembly. I don't see any cracks in the seal plate.

So, out of frustration and being weary of throwing money at something that refuses to cooperate, I am seriously thinking of replacing the pump.

I am looking for professional recommendations about what pumps I should consider based on my pools minimum requirements, durability, energy efficiency, initial cost, and ease of change out from what I have now. All pretty much in that order.

I have tried asking the manufacturers, but I get short answers, that don.t seem to have much thought put into them. Local dealers are worse- only wanting to sell me what they are overstocked on.

Any professional or well founded advice available here?

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The filter change was likely pointless. The two are comparable but I'll bet the old one was just not properly torn down for cleaning and was just caked up.

To get a 72 ft DE filter dirty takes a lot of dirt.

That the existing system still spills with the sweep on is no surprise. The old system would have too if it had been cared for properly.

What size is the plumbing?

How many jets in the spa?

Where are you located? Power consumption costs vary.


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