Advice on the Gaggenau EB388610

sleepydrjMarch 11, 2013

I am planning a move. Looks like the new place has the Gaggenau EB388610 wall oven. I have been loving my wolf gas/electric range (36"). I love to bake, and my specialty is 3 layer sky high cakes- so I am used to having 3 10" cake pans baking at once.
This Gagg oven looks absolutely tiny to my eye, and it is almost 1/2 the size of my Wolf 36".
I am looking for feedback- how much can you really bake in this Gagg? I would hope to be able to do Thanksgiving in the new place- large turkey, pipelining with the usual things- dishes of yams/apples etc and then rewarming pies. WIll this Gagg do it, or should I swap it out before moving in? There is a 48" wolf rangetop with griddle- I love my current wolf with grill- I never use griddle, but grill 3x per week- wouldn't give it up. So I'm thinking to pull out the rangetop, gaggenau oven and sell them and replace with 48" Wolf range with grill.
What do you think? I'd love some advice.

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Please post on appliance forum as well and search for old threads. Many serious bakers here swear by their gagg. The temperature is very very precise and the heating is supposed to be very even. I was planning wolf and decided to do gagg convection with gagg combi above it.

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Thanks so much for the reply! I was unable to find any old posts about this model number. I am very concerned about the size, which seems very small. I'll also try cross-posting- but there was also nothing about this model on that forum.
With only 3.07 cf, I am not surprised that the heating is even... it's even in my toaster oven too!
What size are the Gagg that you purchased? and what do you bake in them?

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