Where to shop for fountains for my porch?

ratherbesewingMay 20, 2012

I have a little corner on my screened-in porch that is calling out for a fountain. I want either a floor or wall mounted fountain. Some are too ornate-lions spewing water! I am not in Tuscany-just the suburbs! Other that the big box stores, where else should I look?

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Our city has a place that carries concrete cast urns, benches, and fountains. In fact the local garden centers often carry their items. This place is certainly not in the suburbs, but nonetheless has a very large assortment.

Maybe there is something like this where you live.

And in Kansas City, it is a place called van liews. I have the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Van Liews in Kansas City

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Here is Overstock. If you do find one one their site, search the name and see if there is a lesser priced one. O has such cheap shipping though. I have always had good experience with products and shipping is quick.

Here is a link that might be useful: fountains

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I made one for our front porch/last home. Bought a can of spray rubber (they sell at Home Depot - it's often used on truck beds/floors) and sprayed the interior of a metal planter.. after DH had drilled a hole in the side for the small pump. Went around cord/hole with a water proof silicone (in a tube). Added a few potted water plants and small Japanese glass fishing floats. I did sit the pump on a few bricks (dark so not seen through water) to get the fountain to the right spot. Since it was small (roughly 18" diameter) I took the spray top off fountain and it just shot up a little, a small stream.

Sorry the picture is so small, but it's on the right, metal container on edge of porch:

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Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor fountain, where it's in your screened in porch?

Here is a link that might be useful: Indoor on on Overstock

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Have you thought about putting the fountain outside the porch where you can still see/hear it?

We had a wall-mounted fountain outside the old screened porch. It would have made a mess on the porch with splashing. Current fountain also sits outside the screened porch.

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I had to laugh when I read this " Some are too ornate-lions spewing water! I am not in Tuscany-just the suburbs! "
My last house was very tradional w/a nice bricked/arched from porch.m I bought one of tos ornate-lions to mount on the interior side of the porch.
I never put it up! Never checked to see if it worked So, 13 years later, I've since moved and I've luged this ornate lion wall fountain w/me. I never threw it away as I spent too much money on it.
I live in a small development w/the houses very, very close. My neighbors air conditioner is 20 feet from my side covered patio. It is soooo loud. Yesterday, I cleaned off that old ornate lion wall fountain and put it in a corner of my porch, hoping that it would dull out the air conditioner - it doesn't.
I was suprised that it worked ! But, for now I'm leaving, my ugly ornate lion up - I didnt mount it on the wall I just proped it up againt a flower pot.
There are many, many pretty fountains out there...good luck in your search.

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