Has anyone used a trim kit w/ 36" freestanding fridge?

vitaminjdMarch 28, 2013

I'd like to buy a 36" freestanding side by side refrigerator - probably the frameless GE Monogram - and add a louvered trim kit to make it look built in. But I've never seen it done (I'm just assuming it can be) and I can't seem to find a 36" trim kit. Has anyone successfully done this? Where did you find the trim kit? Can you show me photos? Thanks.

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Free standing fridges aren't interchangeable with built ins. They're sized differently and they are vented differently. If you want a built in, you have to pay the premium for one.

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Some manufacturers sell trim kits to help cover the gaps in a counter depth refrigerator. They are not all the way there, but do cover unsightly gaps and hinges while still maintaining proper air flow. The doors will still stick out. These are specific to the design of the fridge, and are not offered by every manufacturer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prior Example

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Electrolux Icon actually does sell a trim kit for their 36" freestanding side by side. But I don't want an Elux and their fridge is less than 69" tall, therefore the kit is a little too short to use with the other brands of SxS I'm considering (they are all between 70-72). I'd like to take this same idea and find a trim kit that can be used with another make/model.

Basically, I want the look of a built-in without paying the price for one. It's a new build so I'm not bound by any existing measurements yet. But I will need to find out whether or not I can do this before I order my cabinets.

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Thanks for the link, gooster. :)

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You are welcome, vitaminjd. The panels are very custom to the model number, because of the hinge design. If you read the other threads, you will note that you will also need to very careful about your water supply and electrical outlet locations. I've had my contractor follow the installation instructions carefully and have recessed both the water supply and the plug location, to ensure that the fridge sits flush in the cabinet. Installation is a few weeks out, yet.

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