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piaaAugust 29, 2012

So I am sitting here dreaming about the pool that I will have one day and I am trying to figure out exactly how many steps I will need.

The pool will be rectangular and approximately 14' to 16' in length and 10' wide (I know teenie tiny compared to the fabulous pools on this forum) so more of a dipping pool/sit on the ledge and have a cocktail type of plunge pool and only 4.5' deep.

The steps will need to be on the 'long' side (if you can call it that) and I am thinking the sitting 'ledge' will go the entire length of the pool and be approximately 18' or so from the top of the pool. Another 'feature' (more of a *possible necessity* due to depth issues - we possibly will have to drill on Blue 'B'itch rock if we don't do this and Blue 'B'itch is almost impossible to make a dent in) will be that we are considering a 15' to 18' wall (I have no idea what to call it) that you step over if you like to enter the pool - see the link to see what I am talking about so therefore it would raise the water level in the pool vs if the pool was flush to the ground.

As the pool is only about 10' wide how many steps do I need - I wont do the âÂÂladderâ steps I want âÂÂrealâ steps but trying to figure out how many I need is (for me) difficult - will they span almost the entire 10' width of the pool ??

Thanks everyone


ps: after showing my husband this pool he has now decided red is the colour of glass tile.....yikes :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall

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Can't help with your step question, but I love that red pool!

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Are you going to do an infinity edge like in the photo? My PB's pool has one wall that is about 4' higher than the ground (it is not an infinity edge, it has coping on top) and is faced with brick so it looks like a retaining wall. It usually needs to be thicker than a normal pool wall but no problem to do at all.

Do you want your steps to go straight out into the pool or turn and go along the long side? Is there room for a "bump out" that just has the steps in it so that they don't go out into the small rectangular body of the main pool?

How deep will the water be where the steps are? I know you said the pool will be 4.5' deep, is this the same over the entire pool?

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Thanks so much for taking the time to answer :)

I was hoping to have the entire pool 4.5 feet deep as it is so small and I didn't want a gradual slope anywhere in the pool as I wanted to be able to stand flat and not always feel that I was sliding downhill (if that makes sense)

The entry to the pool has to be along the "long" side - I will have to have stairs along the short side of the pool leading down to the bathroom area like in the photo.

I would like to figure out a negative edge but I don't really know where to start - I figure if I can plan the steps inside the pool I can go from there. There are no "real" pool designers where I live so I will have to come up with the design myself - anyone want to come to the Virgin Islands and over see (lol)

Thanks for any help


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To be able to easily walk in and out four steps would be needed, beyond that you are floating.
You could do 3, not bad going in, more of a pain coming out.

Watch out someone will take you up on that offer.

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Your pool will have around 60" more or less from top of deck to bottom of pool. Five 10" tall steps would make them all equal. Or you can use fewer and make the last step really tall since, as just-a-pb said, youre buoyant when in that far.
My steps are 11.5" tall and no problem but I can't see going taller than 12". 12" steps would let you get away with 4 instead of 5.

What island are you on? I've sailed in the BVi a couple of times so know the area halfway well.

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Quote " Can't help with your step question, but I love that red pool! " .... as least one of us does??? yuck??

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Apparently someone else likes it too. The pool won a design award. Chacun a son gout.

Sorry to OP for unintentional hijack and thanks for posting the link.

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We have a small pool aka Spool (Social pool) It is 10 x 20 and we have 3 steps average 11 inches. It goes from 3.5 feet to 4.5 feet and it is the perfect size for us. Look at the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Our New Pool Build in Jacksonville, Fl

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Thanks everyone :)

bpricedo - I live on St John USVI - we are almost to the end of a full house rebuild - the last 3 days we have removed a solid concrete load bearing wall and once finish details to that room are complete just a pool and driveway to start/finish and if you want to follow along or read our progress you can check out our blog linked below (no advertising don't worry) :)

brentr - your pool is perfect :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Our Rebuild Blog

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As we have lived with our 37-year-old "new to us" pool over the last few months, I'm dreaming of the renovations we might be able to do in the future. One thing I want is more steps/ledges for sitting and socializing with friends and family. We have a small ledge, barely big enough for two people, that I would love to run the whole deep end of the pool. So I am in favor of more in-pool seating than less, because of the way we use our pool (sitting with a drink, chatting, etc, rather than swimming laps or anything.)

One thing to think about, is I saw a report that the leading cause of falls in a house is falling down the stairs, and that's due to unequal step heights. So whatever you, do try to make the steps all even. Our old house had the porch steps repoured (badly) and one was slightly off and I always felt like I was tripping. Our pool has big steps (I can measure for you if you like) but one of them is "off" on measurement, I think it's the last one, and I always kind of pitch off the edge a little clumsily.

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I would love to live in the VI, or at least I love dreaming about it! I have batted around the idea of buying a place on Culebra several times. I have not been to St John or St Croix, I guess I need to go some time. Maybe this next year!

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