Have you used Pods or Rat Pack for storage?

elle481February 8, 2009

Hi all. I just had a great idea for our clutter (that we don't want to throw out!) We had been thinking about a storage facility and it was just overwhelming thinking about renting the van and making numerous trips to the storage place, and then have to do it all over again when we move into our new place. The storage place is 30 miles from where we will be moving to. After seeing a few Rat Pack storage trailers on a neighbors lawn today I decided to call them and Pods to see what the story was. It just seem like a no brainer. They will deliver the 8' x 8' x 16' box to our driveway and we fill it. Then they pick it up and store it at there place and deliver it to our new place when we move in! It will cost the same if not less than the numerous trips in a rented van to a storage facility. Have any of you use one of these services and what did you think. Any one better or worse than the other? I just feel so much better having thought of this. Now we can declutter and concentrate on getting the house looking Fab!!!! ~Elle

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I used a POD for storage while my home was on the market.
It was expensive but that's the only downside- other than that it made things very easy.
Store everything possible but don't store something you may need. Sounds easy enough but you really have to think things through. A corner in a friends garage might be better for those questionable items.

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Used 'em, and they're a great idea (we used "Store to Door" which may not be where you are).

For this situation, they're ideal--just don't put anything in it that you may need, but for clutter it's great and much more efficient because you can pack it bit by bit.

I think the cost of these is competitive with the storage units, so the question for the longer run is whether you need access or not, because the delivery fee is a bit steep.

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I'll add my comment about PODS in this post as well in case others look at this post vs. that one..

We did not do a POD after doing our research. The POD was expensive, the place they stored it at was not close (over 30 minutes) and we'd have to call 24 hours in advance to get access to it.

We got a storage unit which was on the way home from hubby's work so he was able to stop when we needed stuff or to put more in.

We did not anticipate our stuff would be stored for a year. We thought we'd sell quickly but it wasn't meant to be. It took exactly 1 year from listing to closing so our stuff was in storage longer.

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