New plaster stains

lilbrit2August 3, 2012

Just had our pool replastered with plaster w/quartz. When they were getting ready to plaster, I saw some spots that looked like water seeping up through the coating they put on before plastering. I mentioned it to the plasterer, and he told me it was ok. After about 2-3 weeks spots started showing on the steps and built in benches. The spots are where the seeping was noticed. The plaster company said that they were caused from chemical imbalance. The alkalinity was low and the ph was high. We got the chemicals right within 2 weeks. Could the chemicals being off for that short of a time cause staining? They look like water spots on cement. I have uploaded picture. I have more if necessary.

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The coating was a bond coat, not a water proofing membrane. It helps form a stronger bond between the two dissimilar surfaces, in your case, the concrete shell and the plaster.

Plastered finishes are what make a concrete shell water tight.

Lot of things can cause the crazing you are seeing. Chemistry is only one aspect. Thickness, weather during the application or fill, fill water, and a whole host of issues can and will create this condition. Generally, it fades over time. Sometimes, it lasts and is a part of the character of the finish.

If the pool is not leaking, don't sweat it.


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