2nd mortgage question for Dave

jojocoFebruary 10, 2009

Hi Dave,

I am a realtor and I received the following in an email from a mortgage broker:

"... Rules and regulations are changing on a

daily basis in the Mortgage industry...

Definite Changes- As of March 9th 2009, 20% down is required for all second home


Anticipated Changes- Fannie Mae may be raising the number of loans an investor

will be allowed to hold to 9."

I have a client who is looking for a second home in my town and I would like to share this information with him, but not as it is. I called her to ask for an article to cite, and she failed to call me back.

I live in NY.

Any legs to this "definite"?



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This is the last I've seen. Dave probably has his finger more on the pulse being in the biz.

Here is a link that might be useful: FannieMae Announcement 09-02

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Hi Jo,
Bernie's got the same memo I received.

I do believe 80% LTV (20% down) is still required on 2nd homes #2-4 (technically... if u/w knows #2 is financed as a 2nd home, #3 & #4 would only be approved as an investor loan anyway.)

Loans on properties #5-10 are as itemized on the announcement.

Dave Donhoff
Leverage Planner

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As you know, DH sits on a Freddie Advisory Board. He says that Freddie is still buying Purchase Money mortgages for second homes at 85%. What's tough is getting the necessary PMI...not impossible, just hard.


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Lots of us just changed to 80% for second homes because the Mortgage Insurance companies changed their guidelines. If I remember correctly, out of 4 insurance companies, there is only 1 left that will insure a second home. And all the mortgage insurance companies are making major changes right now.

Fannie Mae is changing to allow people to own more than 4 properties, which was the maximum. But there are many more restrictions.

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