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dancingsamsAugust 8, 2011

Hi all,

We have a beautiful pool in central California. It is 25 x 50, negative edge. We have tried two pool care companies - neither worked out. I need to care for the pool myself. It has an ozone system, pebbletec, several water features, and a complicated plumbing system for the water features. We have the pool cleaner that runs around the pool with a bag, and clean that twice a day. It also has the popup sprayers in the bottom to move the dirt towards the drains. We clean the filters at least once a month.

We went to the local pool supply, bought a bunch of muriatic acid, new pole and deep water bag, brush. Asked about "shock" and they sold us Swimtrine Plus. It appears we need something else too. We want a nonchlorine shock treatment. What kind of shock treatment should I buy? Also, how often do you need to shock a pool that normally gets only family usage?

Thank you!

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Hi goyom,

Yes, I am a novice. Today is put in more of the Swimtrine Plus (per directions), and chlorine in the pool, after checking chemical levels and finding chlorine is zero.

The only "reputable pool maintenance company" in the area is pretty useless. They installed our system. We have begged, pleaded and written letters requesting information. They simply want the maintenance contract, at $260 per month PLUS chemicals. Their maintenance person doesn't even speak to us, chews a wad of tobacco so huge it makes it impossible for him to speak! So, I'm reading, reading, reading, and asking lots of questions.

Currently we have a very green pool :(

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