Chemical storage question

gawebberAugust 15, 2010

I have my chlorine tabs and shock outside in a plastic deck box, where should I store bottles of muriatic acid? If they are unopened is it okay to leave them in the garage, I don't want anything to rust? Or should I also put them outside? What about baking soda and DE?


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I keep my acid and DE in my car port in an empty bucket. My baking soda is in my washer dryer room.


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I keep my Chlorine and shock outside in a deck box. Can you keep sealed bottles of acid and DE in an enclosed garage or will it rust things?


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I think DE can go just about anywhere dry.

I've never seen a store (Lowes, HD, Ace Hardware, local Pool store) that kept MA inside. If a plastic jug were to fail, the fuming, if inside, would destroy most things it contacted (even more so for fluid contact). I put my gallon jugs of MA in a plastic pail that is located in a ventilated backyard shed.

Although not asked (sorry if already known), I don't think it wise to have the MA share space with the chlorine products either due to the possibility of poisonous gas formation.

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Now that I think about it, Lowes did have the MA stored outside when I purchased it. I never thought about the possible failure of the plastic jug. Gotta go move that jug outside somewhere. Thanks for the heads up Bridges.

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