Jandy Aquapure - HELP!!!

catandsamAugust 27, 2010

Have a 2 yr old salt pool - jandy equipment. White chalky substance was settling in bottom of pool by every return port. Thought it was sand returning to pool so replaced the cartridge filters (only 2 yrs old) but that did not solve the problem. Finally called a pool tech - he came out and said it was due to having calcium buildup in the saltcell. He cleaned the cell with muratic acid/water solution and then realized that the sensor was bad. Replaced the salt sensor in late June of 2010. All was great for about 1 month, then white chalky substance was back again. I took cell out and soaked in muratic acid solution until clean, but this did not fix the problem- still have all that stuff in the pool - it isn't sand because it feels like a powder and cartridges are new. And now I can no longer get a reading on my handheld PDA of the salt concentration in my pool (which is also what happened last time when we discovered the sensor was bad). Any suggestions? I am out of ideas. Thanks

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Hard water, high pH = salt cell dandruff. It's calcium from the cell's self cleaning. Lowering the pH to 7.3 usually reduces the occurrence and or severity,


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Hello , I`m looking for some help ,instruction really.I just bought a home with acqapure system,but i have no idea how to work it.I was lift no instructions. Could you please help me. Thank you.

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Aqua pure manual.


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