No dedicated return line for my Polaris 280

buzz2August 7, 2012

My pool is finished and during programming of the intellitouch it became apparent that the return line for the Polaris 280 is plumbed in with my other 4 returns. The return port for the Polaris is on the side of the pool with the 2 skimmers and opposite the other 4 returns. Since the Polaris return is always running opposite the other returns it would seem that the action of the polaris return is fighting the skimming current of my other 4 ports. Also, there is a loss of pressure driving the Polaris because water is flowing from the other 4 returns rather than exclusively from the Polaris return port.

My understanding is that the manufacturer recommends a dedicated return for the 280 with a pressure of 30.

Whay should I do? I would like my pb to fix it and set things up thecright way.

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It appears that you need to ask the pb to make it right. All pressure cleaners need a dedicated line. A 1 1/2" line is standard and should be run from the equipment to the center of one of the long walls. Good luck.

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