Pictures of open kitchen/family rm with both wood and tile floors

nyse2502March 15, 2013

Please Help,
I am finalizing my flooring choices in a major reno with an addition of a open kitchen, eating area, and family room. The eating area is in-between the kitchen and family room and normally these spaces seem to have wood floors throughout. I am not a huge wood floor fan in the kitchen because I never feel that they are truly clean and with kids and a dog I just think the tile will hold up better. I am thinking of putting an architectural arch between the eating area and the family room so as to have a place to end the tile. I figure I will use tile in the kitchen and eating area and wood in the family room. What I am looking for is some pictures of rooms that are set up this way. Thank you!!

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Well you can't see the whole room but here is a shot of the floors. I don't like wood in the kitchen because I am messy.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Our kitchen is open to our family room and we visually separated the space by following the arc of the island in the floor treatment as well as in the soffit treatment overhead. The flooring is not wood/tile though, but amtico vinyl flooring so we have no concerns about transition for different depths.

We did the wood/tile mix in the foyer as well.

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I'd rethink the decision of not having wood in the kitchen. You're right, they are never really clean, but they sure don't look dirty despite kids an dogs in our house :)
When I had tiles, I was constantly on my knees cleaning or sweeping up crumbs.

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I agree with nosoccermom about rethinking the no-wood-in-the-kitchen decision. However, I disagree about them never being really clean. You can keep them as clean as any other floor if you remember that wood hides a lot of dirt so they won't necessarily look as dirty as another type of flooring. I only use a damp cloth to clean mine and it's no more trouble than when I had vile white Pergo. I've had my wood floors for 6 years and the tiny scratches or dings they've incurred just don't show enough to care. On the plus side, since you have an open space (as I do) the same flooring throughout gives a clean, open flow.

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We have a 9' ceiling in our kitchen and the great room has a cathedral ceiling. The dividing point also has cedar columns and beams, so it's an obvious stopping/starting point. The travertine runs throughout the kitchen/breakfast area, sunroom, pantry, powder, back hallway and laundry room. Bedroom is off the powder room/pantry area, and it has wood floors also.

They did a wonderful job, as the two materials are level.

Here is a link that might be useful: More pictures

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I like how the tile defines the kitchen space. Here is my kitchen/family room.

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Here is ours. We've since switched to a darker tile but this will give you an idea of the transition.

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I have had wood floors in the kitchen for the past 20 years. I love it and would never switch to tile! I like to cook a lot, and spend lots of time on my feet in the kitchen and think that tile is too hard and too cold.

I have 2 kids and have had many dogs over the years, so it does get dirty--like any other floor. But I just vacuum and mop with a damp mop and it looks great.

Our family room is also connected, although there is a step down (hello 1970!). It currently has carpet, but when we redo the kitchen we are going to change it to wood as well.

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Love these pictures! I'm a tile person too. I haven't remodeled my kitchen yet, but plan on having tile in there. Right now the adjacent living room, dining room, and family room are all carpet, but someday I hope to go with hard wood. (I just need to convince my significant other that the dog won't destroy them.) These pictures are very helpful. Thank you.

Taggie, love your beautiful GSD! Ours just turned 10 yesterday. We are so thankful she's still with us.

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Thank you everyone for your beautiful pictures and great advice. I feel a lot more comfortable now about my decision to go with tile. And although I do admire the look of wood I just don't feel as though anything that you can't scrub with soap ever gets that clean and we are a white sock family. These kitchens are beautiful I just hope mine comes out half as good!

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Chinchette: what type of hardwood do you have? Love them!!

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Here's a few more. I actually have three different surfaces that are visible from the kitchen - tile (travertine), wood, and carpet. It's probably some sort of huge designer no-no, but I like the look and it's both comfortable and practical.

Looking into the kitchen from the family room.

From the kitchen back to the family room.

And another angle.

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