BM Prescott bedroom?

misaMay 5, 2009

I have a northeast facing masterbedroom, cherrywood furniture and usually lean towards green family of color. Would Prescott Green work? On the swatch is looks bright, any experience out there with this color. Thank you.

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sorry....BM Soft Fern is my other choice I am leaning towards. BM Vale Mist was a choice, but DH thinks it may too dark for our northfacing room... Thanks again.

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I have it in my basement sewing room. I only have a small glass block window. It doesn't seem bright or dark. I love it.

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There have been a couple of threads here lately on using color in dark rooms, what can be accomplished, what to expect. Mari put it in terms that are most understandable, IMO. Do a search...lots to read!

My bedroom is Farrow & Ball Vert de Terre. The closest match in "regular" brands is Behr Restful. I think you can (and should) go darker than what you're looking at. I would also lean toward a clearer color in a low light room.

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I have Prescott Green in my summer cottage kitchen. I remember being surprised at how 'blue' it was when it went up on the wall, but I like it now. In a bedroom? Not sure. I have also used Soft Fern in a few different rooms -- it's a very pretty color and, to me, quite different from Prescott Green although I haven't seen them side by side. I have Soft Fern in my basement playroom, I know someone who has it in her bedroom w/ dark cherry furniture, and I know someone else who has it in a casual dining room w/ light furniture. It looks great in all three spaces. I am a big fan of Soft Fern. I'm not familiar with Vale Mist. Best thing to do is get some large swatches on the wall or on some poster board, and see how the color looks at different times of day.

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Thank you for all the wonderful responses. I've been reading I think every thread on here about colors. I've changed the masterbedroom to BM Soft Fern. SO NOW-- the big question, what color masterbath? The painter is saying go with the same? I tried the Silken Pine on the same paint chip and it came out way too light and too cool in color. Any suggestions for a "flowing" color to go with Soft Fern. My bathroom has white tiles floor,walls. Oak cabinets-light, and small 2 x 4 gray/green tiles.

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Maybe you could pull a color from your bedding into the bath? I don't know what else you have going in on the room, but for example, the friend I mentioned who has Soft Fern in her bedroom has bedding with some reds and peachy colors in it, so she pulled a peach color from the bedding and used it on her bathroom walls. (Much more flattering color, for most people, than green.) Or a goldish neutral like Monroe Bisque? (Disclaimer: I'm saying this without fandeck handy so I don't really know how Monroe Bisque lookes with Fern Green!)

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A regular poster, whose name I cannot recall, had Preston Green in her bedroom and I thought it looked great. Of course, if I recall it was cherry sleigh bed and she had great art work and drapes in the room and the whole thing worked so well together. I wish I could recall who it was so we could ask them to repost the picture.

Hmm, I have green in my bathroom. Is that what makes me look so pale and old, or is it because I really am. Hmm, something to ponder....

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Again, thank you everyone. The Soft Fern in the masterbedroom looks great! We decided BM Hollingsworth Green (HC-on the fandeck) in the masterbath, a lighter and slightly cooler color in comparison to Soft Fern-- but the transition from the rooms flows, which I did not think it would. I have accessories to tie in both rooms. Happy, happy... Sometimes it's worth listening to the gut instinct or "eye" this time.. Thanks again. I hope to post pictures soon.

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