TV Show Rules Of Engagement set

ttoddMay 20, 2008

First there was the set of Friends.

Then there was the set of Desperate Housewives.

The movie Somethings Gotta Give.

Now while I doubt that this set will reach the levels of viewer fascination & critique as the other's, I must say that I really like the apartment of the married couple. It's like an updated version of the blue & brown walls & white trim that has been so popular the past how many yrs. now.

Is their LR Silver Sage or one of the many other close color matches that we've often talked about so much here? I like the choice of the very creamy, almost tan trim instead of the usual stark white we've been looking at for about forever paired w/ those colors.

And the rm. leading off of the LR - is that a close color to SW Blonde or Restrained Gold that I spy? Could it be BM Desert Tan or Cork?

I like how traditionally it's decorated but for a young hip NY couple. The touches of red. Could this easily be duplicated in any one of our homes?

Mostly I love all of the pictures on the walls. Mixed frames, mixed mat colors, mixed black & white & color along w/ a mix of mediums and photography - all shown together as a massive collection. I love things on the wall!

So does anyone else have opinions on the set decor? What have you noticed?

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I've never seen the show. Will have to tune in at least once and check it out.

What I have done however (driving DH crazy) is obsess about design elements of other shows.

I've asked a designer friend about the sofa on Frasier to use in my old house. After much sleuthing on my part I found out it was a reproduction Coco Chanel.

Then there was a very short-lived show on a few years back. I think it had John Laroquette and Christine Baranski in it. Loved their French style kitchen (awning like window treatments) and the window seats in the living room.

Kept poking DH during the Bernie Mac show about things in their house, especially the flooring.

Lately I've been looking at the wall colors on House (lousy season ending episode IMO).

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OH MY GOD, did you see the episode taped in their bathroom? I fell in love with that shower curtain!!

And yes, I totally think that's silver sage in their living room.

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Speaking of set designs, etc., I LOVE the dining table chairs in Gabby's house on Desperate Housewives, and in the season finale the other night, I got to see more than just a glimpse--Carlos and Gabby sat in them during conversations, so I studied them. I'd love to have them in my house! Anyone else see them? Wonder how I find out about them?......


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I noticed the DR chairs in Gabby's house Sunday night too. I'd love to have them too!

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Jerseydiva, ME TOO!!!!! That's the episode that I protected on my DVR so that I could go back & check it all out frame by frame!

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I do like that apartment on Rules of Engagement.

It's an oldie, but I love the Halliwell house on Charmed. I love the kitchen and the sun room. Plus the bedrooms.

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The production designer, Bernie Vyzga, has been nominated for a couple of Emmys, and he works frequently with the same set decorators.

Here is a link that might be useful: IMDB

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Jerseydina: I love that shower curtain, too! I've been trying searches but can't find it either! Anyone know?
I also loved the apartments on Samantha Who and The Break Up.

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