Need help! Jandy Heater won't turn on. Repair guy ?

thejimbarAugust 24, 2008

I have a 375BTU Jandy Lite 2 heater for my pool and spa. Controlled by RS-8 and Aqua Palm remote. Can't get it to kick on this weekend at all. I have been getting intermittent "FL 0" error codes on the display for the last few weeks, but have usually been able to correct it with a reset of the system. Now nothing works. Any suggestions? The "FL 0" code refers to a number of different errors, but they all sound like ones that need part replacement or repair.

Again, any help would be appreciated.


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You have an open switch in the safety loop. It is one of 4 circuits. The most common is the fusible link assuming you have a clean filter.

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Thanks for the quick reply, it came on again today, tried resetting the clock again on the RS-8 and it all of a sudden worked??? I did backwash today as well, so maybe that helped. Could it be the pressure switch too? The guy that does my Jandy warranty work is supposed to come this week, so hopefully it will be straightened out before Labor Day weekend, we don't have much swim time left here in NJ....

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Need help too. How do you get the flame sensor out to clean it or replace it. same unit Jandy lite 2

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