Pebble sheen and lots of foot rash

ReepAugust 23, 2011

We just finished our pool remodel and went with Pebble sheen as the Beadcrete we wanted was $10k more. We were told the Pebble sheen was soft on the feet.

Well, I now have three young girls with rashes on their toes, with two actually bleeding. Also, Grandma has a bad rash on her toes as well. They do spend a lot of time in the pool, but that isn't going to change.

Any suggestions? Did I just screw up and get the wrong pool finish? I don't see how a manufacturer can sell this if it causes this much damage to kids feet.

I'm hoping the installer can work out a deal where we can resurface with something else and they can eat the cost of the Pebble Sheen.

It looks great--except for the blood stains.

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It's more likely the water chemistry causing the rash or some other exterior problem.
I used to get lots of phone calls from customers complaining that their kids feet were raw because of the deck, or the plaster, or the pebble-tec, or the diamond-bight. Unfortunately, feet are tender, and running on the concrete or playing in the pool causes the sort of tenderness problem that you describe. The surface does not have to be replaced. I've seen this with white plaster pools also.
You might look for rubber socks for the kids until they heal. Good luck.

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We had this same pool for one year with plaster. No issues. No other rashes or issues on other parts of the body exposed to the water.

I just think the installer and company should make people aware of this. I didn't pay $9,000 for a surface my kids and guests can't use without wearing rubber socks.

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PS is pretty darn smooth normally. Something is really amiss here. If it isn't chemistry related, it needs to be checked by PT. The aggregates used are polished, IIRC. Any roughness would then have to come from the matrix and should be curable.


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its called pool toe and you will get it with any finish.

Those feet will toughen up in a month or so and they will rarely have the issue.

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I don't think this is common. My step mom lives in pools and this is the first time she has had any issues. My oldest daughter now has a rash on her finger that required a bandaid because she rubbed it against the bottom on accident. The girls put socks on to protect their feet. In one afternoon's use the sock have multiple 1" holes in them.

This certainly didn't happen with the plaster we had and I'm quite sure it wouldn't happen with Beadcrete. I'm not sure what the solution is yet. The PB is going to have the finishers come out and check it next week.

I know the Pebble materials have a very good following, but people need to be aware that this stuff is not good for everyone. I'm really kicking myself that we didn't go with a different finish. It's probably fine for adults in pools that don't get used for hours a day. But for families with small children, beware.

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That is indicative of something amiss. No high aggregate finishes I know of do that. It would not have mattered whether it was PT, PS, Beadcrete, Wet Edge...

You went with the finish you wanted. You did not make the mistake, the finishers did. They will correct it, I am sure.


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I agree with poolguynj...Pebble Sheen is an excellent product and something does not sound right with your experience. Contact the head office for PebbleTec if you need to. I am sure they will make sure anything done incorrectly is cured. On the other hand, is it possible your family members have had an allergic reaction to something on or near the pool?

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I just got Pebble Sheen, and no problems. When I was picking colors, I saw a Pebble Sheen Pool and whe I felt it on the top step in the pool, it felt like sandpaper. It was awful. I almost changed surfaces, but my PB checked into it and said the Pebble Tec installer's diamod buffer broke right before they got to the steps, so they were only acid washed. The rest of the pool was fine, they were going to do the steps this fall.

Reluctantly, I moved forward, and it turned out great. Looks amazing (I went with Turtle Bay). No rashes on kids' feet, nor complaints of roughness. It feels (as it's typically described) like the surface of a basketball. Nothing rough or sharp. If yours is too harsh, maybe they need to buff it again. Maybe they forgot a step or rushed through the buffing.

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My oldest daughter got a big bleeding patch on her knee last night getting out of the pool. The installer we had did not use a diamond buffer or any other kind of buffer. Just apply one day, then acid wash the next. Now we are going to have them drain the pool and buff the whole thing out. How could they not know this would be an issue? There aren't that many steps to the installation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rash and Scrape Pictures

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I'm now pretty sure they either didn't buff at all, or just did a cursory job of it. The rough spots are uniform all over the pool and sound exactly like what shweri reported in the unfinished pool. I never saw them buff it. If that is all it is then an emptying, buffing, and refilling should take care of it. I'm checking every square inch of the surface this time before adding the water though.

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Hey Everyone Reading this!,
Three years ago I had a new pool installed, I was going to get plaster, but the contractor told me about Pebble Tec the cost high, but it made since to not have to plaster very 3 years? Right? Wrong Since day one their have been problems with our finish. Big pieces started falling out of the spa, they patch it. Then we stared having peoples over, Oh My God, Knees, feet,arms even the bathing suits got messed up! First month there were some round dark spots on the bottom. We called our contractor, they went belly up! So we called the people who did the finish, (thank god i filled out the warranty with Pebble Tec Company) it took a long time before they came and did any thing. They came out finely and looks over the pool and felted noting was wrong, i told them to get inside the pool, and feel the finish. It had became like rock sand paper we could not even used it. TODATE I STILL AM HAVING ISSUES WITH THE FINISH. NOW IT IS COMING OFF, AND LEAVING BIG HOLES AROUND THE POOL.

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Interesting first post Aqil. Where are you located?


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