Has anyone washed a quilt with wool batting

michigooseApril 29, 2011

Just curious if anyone has washed a quilt with one of the wool battings (such as Hobbs, the one sold by the roll in JoAnn's, or one of the others), in a washing machine?

What were the results? Before I use a wool batt in my mom's lap quilt, I want to make sure it can be washed in a home washer without ill effects.... I like the light weight and the warm/cool abilities of it, but I wasn't sure how it would hold up.


Lisa Quintana

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Just talked with my friend, Keren, who used a wool batting on her gorgeous bed quilt using Kaffe Fassett striped fabrics. She loves the wool batt and has washed it one time in her large home machine. The quilt held up very well. Her machine quilting was about 4" apart.

I would not use really hot water and I would only wash a quilt with a wool batt as needed - not every week or even every month. She has had this quilt on their bed for about 2 years and it has been washed just once.

A lap quilt will be easy to air dry on a line or draped across a clean curtain rod or wood drying rack. If machine dried, I would not use extreme heat.


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Thanks...that is what I was thinking, but I wanted someone who had actually washed one of the modern batts in this way. I've handled tons of icky antique ones which didn't hold up so well but they weren't quilted as much as they should.

I think if I warn my mom, it should be fine...at least washed on cold....now if only I could get her to do it in a front loader!

Lisa Quintana

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