DH hard at work

grammypApril 4, 2013

DH has been working on one of my treadle cabinets. This one was my dad's mothers. We have had it for a while but just recently got around to refinishing the cabinet. I think it is looking really good.


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Oh wow........ he certainly is doing a .beautiful job! Look at the grain on that wood.

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Yay, Tim!!! This will need a special spot in your home to show it off.


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Ooh, love that beautiful wood! It's going to be lovely.

I suspect my mom has a treadle machine stashed in her attic. My sis & sis IL don't sew, so if there is one, guess who's getting it?! :) LOL Then my hubby will have a project, too.


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WOW Beautiful job on the Cabinet. I have my mom's threadle that is about 110 yrs old. Mom had the cabinet painted brown and I am hoping to refinish it this year. Sort of scared that I will ruin it but really want to refinish it.

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Tread lightly on a cabinet of that vintage, especially if it is one of the fancier ones with a lot of carved detail on the drawers, because most of them (especially if walnut) are veneered. Old shellac or lacquer is not as hard to do as paint, but too much sanding, or chemicals and you can loosen or lose the top layer.

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It did come out nicely, didn't it. This one will have a home in my dining room (area) below the quilt hanger my dad built. The machine is not terribly old, and the cabinet is simple with no carving. Someone in the past had attempted to refinish and all that had to be removed. Took a lot of gentle rubbing, but he got it done. We had to have a piece of vainer replaced (local Amish shop did a great job) and Tim stained to match the rest of it. Unfortunately, the hinges to attach the machine have gone missing and he ordered replacements. So it will be next week before the machine can be put back in. The machine is a Singer Egyptian and needs a good clean, but works well and decals are still in pretty god shape. This one I may end up using some.

We also have my great great grandmother's Climax from 1892. We had to have a drawer replaced (it was stolen when someone broke in my grandmother's house many years ago) and the casket cover repaired where a corner separated. The little cabinet shop did another great job with that. This cabinet is not as soiled as the other, so I think just a good gentle cleaning will be all it needs. The machine has been used a lot. Most of the decals are worn off, but I'm not going to replace them. It still works, so just a good clean and that will be all. This one will be in the sewing room safely tucked away from the grands playing with it.

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