Too Busy? Can't Even Get a Quote!

rmyoungAugust 25, 2013

We have decided to begin the process. Initially, called 4 builders to set design/quote appointments. Two never responded. Called a few more. Two that came out and the meetings went well... but we never heard from them again! No quote, no reply to OUR follow-ups. And those 2 were ones that we had high hopes for- really wanted to use one of them.

After meeting with 5 builders, we have 3 quotes- one of which is a joke, and the other two are $12k apart!

We live in Katy, suburb of Houston. We only called on reputable builders. Our budget is $55-60k. I just can't understand it.

Anyone else experience this before?

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Yes, we experienced the same lack of response (rude). That was one of the reasons we selected the scoundrel we selected. He was so attentive, calling several times a day before and after quote, that we saw it as a good sign. It was a disaster!

Houston Pool Remodeling in Fulshear TX has an A+ rating as of this writing, despite previous and present litigation. Whatever you do, stay away from this company. We have even filed a formal complaint with the BBB, his chance to respond has expired, and yet, the perfect score remains.

As to lack of response, I've found there are many builders but a handful of truly good ones, so I suspect it is a builder's market and you will just have to keep looking, looking and leaving no stone unturned as far as references, financial stability, etc, etc

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The PB's round here all seem to be exceptionally busy at the moment bi managed to speak to people but one of the companies told me flat out that they couldn't do it this year. I know my PB has said to me he's not taking appointments at the moment unless they're repeat business or direct referrals as he already has enough work and taking more on right now would take away the from the time he needs for his current builds.

Give it a month and it should be a lot better. You'd be unlikely to get to swim in it this year anyway.

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As a pool builder, I am so embarrassed when I read things like this about other pool builders and their lack of response to customers. We are not all that way, but I hear that complaint often too about other PBs.

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Yes, I probably started with 14-16 companies, which quickly narrowed to 8-10 that engaged with me, and I think 4-6 that we actually got quotes from.

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Yes, in OKC there is the same problem with getting quotes for my pool reno. I've been trying since April of this year and thus far have gotten one PB to come to the house and give a quote (that was last month). One other came but never sent a quote back. Two others said they would call me back and set an appt, and haven't, one said they couldn't do a quote until fall and to call them in a few months. There were about four others that never even returned my inquiry. So my score is 1 quote out of 9.

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