Do you name your machines?

vacuumfreakApril 26, 2012

I was just curious if any of you name your machines and if you do, how you decided on the name that you chose...

When I first heard of the concept of naming machines, it was from the lady who sold me my vintage straight stitcher..... she collected and restored sewing machines with her husband and really loved them and told me I should pick out a name for "her"..... she suggested Greta, but hitherto I haven't thought much more about it. I thought it was silly at first, but the more I read reviews and things about machines online, I find that a lot of people have a pet name for their sewing machine. I guess it fits.... they are like a helping friend and they do kind of have personalities..... some are fussy and persnickety (sensitive tension, picky about which thread is used and such) and others are laid back and drama free...

So I've been thinking that Gretta would be a good name for the metal machine and maybe Priscilla or Benny for the plastic one (I've got to decide if it should have a boy or girl name LOL)

So, are you a "namer"?

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Hmmm...not really, though when I got my smaller Brother machine to take to classes someone on another forum dubbed it "Baby Brother." So now they are Big Brother and Baby Brother. Poor old Juki doesn't have a name, though. :)

We used to have a suitcase we called Cedric...not sure why we named it!


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Nope~I had a hard enough time naming my kid, boats and the dogs! LOL

All my work Projects are named out of necessity to keep track of them.

I do manage to name my Quilts, but not my machines. I even tried to name my FW after the lady I bought it from - who was it's only owner, and never ever sewed a stitch on it --but nope -- it just felt silly. And I am a silly person :)

I smile when others refer to their machines by name :)

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I'm not really into names for my machines. I tried naming my Featherweight after my friend who found it for me but it just didn't seem to stick. I don't usually name my quilts either. I did name the drunkard's path quilt that I recently gave to DS and DDIL "Going Around in Circles" but that was the exception.
Linda OH

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I will name quilts, but I have no names for my many machines. I have a hard enough time keeping the kids' names straight, I think to have more names in the house would set me over the edge! lol

I had a friend who used to name his cars...I thought that was silly, too!

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I am a namer. It started with my mother's 1924 Singer, when she passed it down to me. I already had a machine so I started calling that one by my mother's childhood name, Dorie. When I bought my good machine several years later, I named it after the great aunt who was the quilter in the family; so that one became Julia. Julia is still my primary machine. Then came the sweet little featherweight that had to be called Martha after my sweet little grandmother. And when my sister-in-law gave me her family's old treadle machine, I named it a generic 'Mrs. Hubble' because I didn't know who in her family had used it.


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My sister and I both have Singer Featherweights "born" the same year that we bought about 4 years apart. We knew we had to name them so searched the internet for names of singing sisters. There are some strange ones out there but we decided to name them Laverne and Maxene after the Andrews sisters. I have 7 other machines (8 if I include my serger) and none of them has a name.

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Nope. I agree with Marsha - it was hard enough to name my son! Maybe it comes from being the third child and being called, "Bette,Larry, Susan" for so long (especially if mom was mad)!

We met lots of people who name their RVs on our trip through Mexico - ours doesn't have a name either... poor thing.

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I'm not a "namer" either, never really thought about it before. I did name some of my cars when I was younger though. The one that comes to mind first was the one I called But, getting back to sewing machines, I just have the one that remains nameless. However, to be completely honest, I have called it a few names, usually when the tension goes kaflooey right in the middle of a late night session to get a project done. But I'm not going to repeat those names here. After all, this IS a family channel, right?
Have a good day!

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My long-arm machine APQS Millennium is, of course, Millie.

None of my other machines have names. I don't name my quilts either, LOL.

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I'm afraid if I would name my machines, I'd forget what their given names are! Scandinavia and Sapphire suit them just fine, w/o giving them new names.

My quilts are all labeled on the back with names of either the pattern or the block.


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Our only car with a name was a Hyundai Excel (I think the only good one they made way back when) which was Attila the Hyundai. :)


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We always named our cars. My Featherweight is named Fiona but none of my other machines have a name. I don't know why I neglected them. I have a little green singer that we call the Mean Green machine. Colleen

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I never thought to name my machine,until I traded in my old one, which I usually screamed at in four letter words, for the next model up. My friend said, so what did you name your my machine I thought??.. why would I do that? But the perfect name came to me (bear w/ me here)...While going to a quilt show in PA, I was with two old friends and a new quilting friend I just met that very day. For whatever reason (I suspect multiple senior moments), I could not remember my new friends name, (even though we had email back and forth prior to the show about meeting times etc.)All day long,every time I spoke to her I called her Sylvia. She was a good sport about my social faux pa, and by the end of the she responded to Sylvia. It was within a day of that event that I purchased my new machine...and well in honor of my new friend...I named my machine Sylvia.... You know who you are and thank you!

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