April Hello Sun or other BOMs

new2quiltingApril 18, 2012

Here is my April Hello Sun Block of the Month.

I still have 2 more catch-up blocks from my 2009 quilt, November and December. Might try and do one of those!

How's everyone else doing on BOMs or catch-up?


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Amy, I like your block. I haven't started my Hello Sun for April. My sewing machine was in the shop for over a week and I haven't caught up yet.
Linda OH

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That one is really cute and I like your fabric choice for the cloud.

I hate to admit it (again!) but I haven't done anything on my BOM. I would like to say it will happen next month but I think I have too many other projects going on right now, so I'm shooting for June.


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I love the fabric! And the eyes on the sun talks to me too.


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Kate, I'm dragging my feet on the last two Tisket Tasket blocks (November and December) I have left from the 2009 BOM. I think I need to just cut them out and set them on my ironing table to do them. Hopefully we can inspire each other and I can get that quilt made this year!

Peggy, I too, love how animated the sun is in this quilt. The raindrops were supposed to have faces as well, but my pattern was too busy for that. Some others in the group made very cute happy rain drops!

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Do you have the link to this bom? I misplaced in in my favorites. Thanks.

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It is the Hello Sun BOM by April-Mae designs. Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hello Sun

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Thanks, saved it again in favs, let's see what happens next month!

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