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sail_awayMarch 9, 2013

I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row prior to installation of new granite and new appliances. This question has to do with living without a backsplash for a while.

I think I already know what I want to use for the backsplash (which DH will install---and I'll be the go-fer and clean up crew). However, we want to have the granite installed before making a final decision. So I'll be going at least a few weeks (or perhaps months) before the backsplash is installed. How did you protect the wall, especially the wall directly behind the sink, before you got your backsplash installed?

By the way, I don't know how all of you have survived major renovations. We're just doing two things---replacing old appliances and putting in a granite countertop---and I'm totally obsessed with trying to get it right.

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The wall shouldn't need any special protection, especially if it is painted or primed. Don't give the dog a bath in the kitchen sink, I guess? :)

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We had a painted backsplash over a 3" laminate ledge for years. It was never a problem. Just be sure to mop up spilled liquids right away, which I'm sure you do anyway.

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What about those of us still ABB? Can we answer? ;)

I've been without backsplash for 15 months or so. No special protection taken or needed. The gap between my marble and wall behind the cleanup sink is quite large, but will eventually be covered by tile and appropriate caulk, etc. I worried for the first couple of weeks about water getting back there and running down behind the cabs until I saw that I don't really splash water that far back. The wall behind my rangetop is scratched and dinged a bit from pots and sheet pans scraping it and has a greasy bullseye patch from high heat searing and woking on the rear center burner, but this will also be covered with tile eventually.

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Tinan and Suzanne, Thanks for our responses. They are reassuring. DH had suggested we use something to protect the area, especially behind the sink, even if it's just painter's tape (although it was hard to understand how the tape would provide much protection). I do sometimes puddle water behind the sink, but this may be reduced with an undermount sink.

Breezygirl, I guess we can make an exception and allow an ongoing ABB post :) If you're doing okay for 15 months, then I should be able to manage for what I HOPE will be a shorter time. However, i suspect I splash more behind the sink than you do (again, hoping the undermount sink will help a little with the water collecting behind the sink).

I do have another,related question. We thought the granite installers would put some caulk (or silicone?) where the counter meets the wall and that we would just dig it out when ready to start putting up the backsplash and caulk it again ourselves. Would that work, or should we ask them not to put anything where the backsplash will go? There are some counter edges that extend to the sides of cabinets (i.e., the refrigerator surround and oven cabinets), so I'm assuming they will put caulk at those points?

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I used to splash more than I do now, with my first undermount sink. Having the faucet control lever facing forward instead of sideways drastically reduces how much water I drip in the counter also. That was a very happy accident.

I can't answer about the suggestion of placing temporary caulk in the seams to just dig it out later. Seems reasonable, but there's probably a reason why its not done. When templating takes place, they usually ask you where and what type of backsplash you are using so they know how close to the walls your stone should go. Your installers should (mine did) run the caulk against any cabs that abut the counter and in any area where you don't intend to tile or use the outdated 4" stone splash. :)

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Sorry, but what is ABB?

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ABB=All But Backsplash

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Breezy - we need you to become an alumnus! When?

As others have said - nothing special needs to be done -I just wiped up after using the sink area. I wouldn't try pouring an entire pot on the counter (at least on purpose)

And as honorary chair of the ABB alumni club, we will be excited to see your BS.

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Fori is not pleased

I put pink Corian cutting boards from the demoed kitchen behind the cooktop. They stayed pretty clean and weren't necessary. I would not want to have a crack behind the sink though--have the granite installers caulk that area at least. Or you can do it. Caulk is easy enough to pull off.

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Thanks, again, everyone. I have been reading here for years, hoping to be able to update the kitchen a little, but then when the time comes there's so much I still don't know!

Breezy, how interesting that you mentioned having the sink handle facing forward---we had to buy a replacement faucet about a year ago and I plan to keep it and use it with the new sink. The lever could be put on either the left or right side, and I chose the left side. After using it a while, I told DH I wanted it in front, in the middle, so I drip into the sink instead of on the counter. DH didn't want to move it around, so we agreed we'd wait until we got the new sink and countertop, so soon I'll have the faucet set up that way. I was just thinking about that the other day and imagining how much better I'll like it. Your comment confirms it will be better.

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Sail-away--I think we learn best by doing. :) Glad I mentioned the lever placement. I like the ergonomics of the front placement much better anyway.

A2--On part 2 of my un-reveal, Oldbat offered to photoshop some tile options if I took pics from the right angle. I just replied to that thread that I managed to get some pics recently. I'm not sure how to proceed from here......

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