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tinyteenaMarch 31, 2011

Hi everyone! Kristene here this month to answer any queries you may have re the Birthday Block groups during April. You can post questions here or send them to my home email address and I'll get back to you.

Thank you to everyone for being so prompt with sending your blocks. March was such a hectic month with 7 birthdays over the 3 groups. By our records some quilters have received all their blocks and some are still to receive 1 or 2 more:

Mar 1st - Faytay - received all (Ribbons & Bows)

Mar 3rd - Salijo - received all (Ribbons & Bows)

Mar 18th - Equilter - received all (Make a Wish)

Mar 24th - Paulah-gardener - 1 to come (Make a Wish)

Mar 24th - magothyrivergirl - 3 to come (Piece of Cake)

Mar 29th - sandlapper-rose - 1 to come (Piece of Cake)

Could these quilters let us know when they have all their blocks please?

Also, I'd like to give advanced notice here that Jayne (nanajayne) has an early MAY birthday - MAY 4th - so be prepared to post her blocks out early in April. Good Friday is 22nd April and there is sure to be some postal holidays around that time, so it is better to post earlier, rather than later to reach her before her birthday.

There is one other May birthday and that is Michelle (micyrey) whose birthday is on MAY 27th. I will post a heading for Michelle later, but Jeanne has already started one for Jayne

Kristene (tinyteena)

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Just read on Marsha's thread that she has received her last 3 blocks, so Mar 24th - Piece of Cake is all complete now too


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Bumping back to page 1

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I was left off of the March list. My birthday was March 27th (Ribbons and Bows) and I have rec'd all but 1 block.


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Just to let you know that I have now rec'd all of my blocks from the Ribbons & Bows. Thank you all.


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Sorry about that Mary, but with so many birthdays in March it was difficult keeping track of them all. Glad you have finally received your last block.


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I just got home early today after spending three weeks helping my older daughter and son-in-law care for their new triplets. Wow, things are busy with 3 little babies to care for! Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and I will get caught up with my messages and reading the boards over the next few days. (I'll bet you may see a few baby pictures, too! All three are doing really well so that is wonderful.)

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Thought I would post a photo of my April BD Blocks.

They are from:
Top Row: Cathleen, Cindy, Paula, Marie
2nd Row: Tara, Vasu, Kristene, Deanna
3rd Row: Melissa, Eileen, Jayne, Kitty, Kitty

These will make a great quilt!


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They look terrific, Jackie. I have to figure out how to post photos. I'm working on it. Eileen

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