Salt-water, mineral or ozone?

sdemjsully5August 9, 2012

Hi. Looking at a 550 sq ft gunite pool. We're pretty set on just about every component EXCEPT for the pool sanitizing system.

The package we currently have includes a mineral/chlorine system. We're debating one of the three systems below (or a combo), and would appreciate the group's comments on each, as appropriate:

1. Salt-water

2. Mineral

3. Ozone



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I just signed my contract last Saturday after investigating options and meeting with pool builders since May. The consensus seems to be go with the Salt-water. I've read that the ozone is good but only for public pools or pools that are indoors. And as far as the minerals, I've heard they can be a bit dangerous. Honestly, do yourself a favor, check out a site called "Trouble Free Pools" it's a forum like this with a wealth of information about pools, from the initial design and construction to equipment to decking to landscaping. Google it, it should come right up.
Good Luck By the way we decided on a Salt water system.

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@durango118: thanks for the response. Will check out the TFP site.

Disregarding ozone, as it's clear that it will not be a viable solution for us. Still up in the air on the mineral vs SWCG system for a few reasons:

1. I am concerned about pitting/erosion that might result from using a salt system;

2. Also concerned about backwash from a SWCG system, as that would kill plants/landscaping.

3. I keep reading about staining/green hair from mineral systems, given the copper component, but haven't read where it's been a consistent problem, or one that occurs quickly (as opposed to happening over a long period of time).

Our PB is recommending a Fusion All-in-One mineral system (with chlorine), as they've seen many people experiencing the issues with SWCG systems noted above. I'm assuming that if we did go the salt route, that all we'd need to do is buy/upgrade to Fusion's All-In-One salt system (plus salt, of course).

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Minerals don't kill as fast as chlorine.

Minerals don't kill everything.

Minerals don't oxidize. This is one of chlorine's biggest tasks.

Nothing reduces the amount of chlorine needed to sanitize pool water.

Mineral packs cost significant money every few months for little or nothing gained, IMHO.

Previous N2 packs have caused mineral staining. It isn't frequent but it has happened. Other brands have sad similar issues.

Some pools are better off not using a cell to generate free chlorine. Sometimes its the age of the pool and other times its the materials used. Since yours would be a new pool, it would depend on the construction materials used as construction codes are in place to help reduce corrosion by electrolysis.

You have several choices when it come to how you will be meeting a pool's chlorine demands. Reading TFP's Pool School section on How To Chlorinate Your Pool will help answer some of those questions and then some.

It's evident you have no wish to reinvent the wheel.


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I have all three... Sanitation (Salt) Mineral for Residual and Ozone for Oxidation.. sweat, pee, suntan lotion... they are all different .... I suggest to bundle all three.

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I disagree, TFB. Chlorine takes care of your oxidation so ozone isn't needed and mineralizers are too slow to kill anything.

The two are just wasted moneys for you. Ozone needs periodic service and parts and mineralizers get new cartridge packs periodically. Neither will reduce your costs of ownership.


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