Need PB advise in Maryland (Baltimore area)

azmp1August 7, 2012

Hi All!

So glad i fond this forum, stayed on until 3am reading and reading, so much useful info!

In any case, i'm looking to build an in ground pool in the spring and right now in the process of researching and interviewing builders.

I have not yet decided if i'm going with a gunite or vinyl pool so i'm researching and interviewing for both. I planning to make the decision once i interview around 4-5 builders for each type of the pool then will weigh all the option and will make the decision.

However... i'm starting to get a bit dismayed with all the amount of nightmare stories i read. Seems like just about every PB i look at and talk to, when i research - there are nightmare stories...

So far i have talked to:

For vinyl:

Regina pools (seems best so far, but certain things i do not like)

Admiral enterprises of MD (read both the bad and good)

For gunite:

Anthony Sylvan (cheap but pretty horrible reviews)

Maryland pools (also pretty bad reviews)

I've just called Elite pools to setup an appointment as well.

Folks, please give me some feedback on good, reputable and reasonably priced PB's in Maryland (Northwest Baltimore county). Hopefully some recent experiences.

I'm really getting uneasy with all these horror stories i've been reading and really don't want to end up with one of them...

Thank you all in advance!

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Bump, anyone? really need some feedback please...

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We're also in Maryland
Would be interested to know which company/pool type/size/equipment options you went with.
We're, also, looking to build ~550/600 sq.f. concrete pool, and so far spoke with Catalina Pools, Sunrise pools, Johnson Pools, and VistaPro landscaping. Prices are about 32-37K just for pool (some include salt, auto cleaner, dirt removal, water fill. some not)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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