Used to Love This Site

agnesdMarch 2, 2011

I loved it because it wasn't just about block swaps like all the other boards. But now that's all it's about. Just Swaps. I've been on this board since Spike ran it and I had to pay $15 a year just to post. Now we have no tuts, no pics, etc. Sorry to see this.

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Since I wasn't involved way back when I can't judge on how different it might be now, but I see an awful lot of pics on this sight, although I'm not sure what you mean by tutorials. There is a lot of shared information here about technique, tools, etc. if that's what you are referring to. Like you, I'm not interested in the swaps but since I'm not involved, I simply don't read or update on those posts. We don't all have to have the same interests and expertise to enjoy this forum. I do enjoy it, I post where my interest lies and ignore the part I'm not interested in. There is another forum on this website that I frequent and occasionally we get these kinds of comments from people (some are very rude) many are old-timers, very expert in their knowledge, but either don't have any patience for beginners wanting information or don't have the same interests, and it's a shame that they can't either ignore these posts in silence or offer their advice without being condescending about it. Why don't you take more time and search out the kinds of posts that interest you and simply ignore the ones that don't, there are a lot of wonderful people who share their quilting experiences here.

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Rita - Agnes's comments were not rude at all and she is entitled to her opinion! Please reconsider your reply.

Agnesd - I understand your comment and have felt the same. We need some variety! I participate in the birthday swaps, but the forum does seem overrun by those posts. We had some problems last year with people not getting their blocks and that's the reason for keeping up with it better this year. I don't want to have to go back 3 pages just to find something that isn't about birthdays. I'm not sure what the right way is but I think we should give it some thought.

Some of what you are looking for is buried in the monthly project posts. Instead of posting as a new topic, people have been posting updates under the monthly headings. Updates there are fine but that doesn't mean a separate post can't be devoted to your project too.

My only suggestion right now is that you, me, everyone, needs to post more about the things that interest us. Don't wait for someone else to post, so that you can reply; bring up a topic yourself. Don't wait for a project to be finished, post a picture now and let people know what you are planning to do with it. Ask a question, or ask for examples of how others do something. There are lots of people willing and eager to answer & share.


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If my post caused offense, I apologize, I wasn't trying to infer that this person was rude, I hope that they will give the forum a chance and be willing to prune out what they don't like about it.

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I understand Agnes what you are saying. I can check on here once a week and see all the new posts that don't relate to block swaps. The forum just is not in a real 'chatty' place right now.

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The February Show and Tell thread has 95 posts and lots of pics of quilts. The Your Quilting Style thread generated a lot of personal reflection and has 18 posts. We have chats about machine manuals, measuring, sashing, and weekend to-do lists and plans. It may look as though there are only swaps and block groups on the forum right now, but that really isn't the case.

Oh, and we have the conversations area for general chats not related to quilting, although that is not now (nor ever has been) a hard and fast rule.

We welcome your input, Agnes.


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I also understand that an editor has been chosen to help develop an FAQ and instructional area. I'm looking forward to that as well as what is here currently.


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I just want to say to everyone who visits the Quilting Forum, that I hope you are not upset about the Birthday Block Exchange and the headings for it. We are trying to keep it very organized this year and it is working very well for those who participate. Each item is clearly marked, so if you have no interest in that you do not need to open the thread. It takes up quite a bit of space right now because we have lots of March birthdays. After this month, there will be fewer headings posted for quite awhile.
We certainly do not mean to offend anyone or change the character of the Quilting Forum board.
I enjoy reading some of the other posts and encourage people to add more headings and discussions. We will all enjoy them!

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Agnes, What would you like to see on the board that isn't here? I belong to other forums and I can tell you they are not all about swaps. They are catagorized into various subject sections, but visible on one page...which I really really like! And, all other quilt forums load much faster for me than this one. The only reason I'm still here is because of the people.....I won't give them up even though I can only post on 1 or 2 threads at a time.

Since the Conversation and Gallery part of the Quilt Forum is hardly used, I rarely post there anymore. Usually, any new people are not even aware of it.


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I think almost all the forums I frequent here at the GW had a post mirroring that of, it's sort of a common theme at this time of year (read long, dreary winter).

I had the same initial reaction as ritaweeda, but loved how K8orlando brought it into perspective. Posts like this can be a great source of constructive criticism if you can accept it for that. My response to agnes in this respect is that I don't remember seeing her start any threads, or did I miss them? A forum takes the direction of its contributors and if it's not taking a direction you like, then part of the blame lays on you for not inputting.

I don't read the swap exchanges either unless I am part of it, but gosh I think the way they are doing it is great. Exchanges are a big undertaking and need to have a finger kept on them continually. Just skip past that part. Note bene, however, if you have a subject or topic not directly related to a thread, start a new thread. I miss stuff by not following thread containing unrelated content, because I don't read them. I surely don't mind thread wandering or getting a life of their own, but a lot of people miss 'good stuff' when it is hidden in an unrelated thread.

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Lots of good comments related to this. Glad to see it. Thanks Teresa for the info on Show and Tell and Your Quilting Style. I usually don't open those threads because didn't know what was there. Now I will. I think this forum gives one what they want most of the time. Some days I don't open any threads and some days I open quite a few. Like most sites you have to know what you're looking for.
I would like to see Question of the Day again. I know it's big job for someone but I miss it.
Jeanne... You are doing a great job on the Birthday Blocks. I love it!

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I did not think Rita's comments were offensive or suggesting Agnes was rude.

I agree there is alot of swap type threads right at this time- just a coincidence (many March babies & the Row Robins nearing the finish lines:). It is very easy to skip those, if you are not interested or involved. The coordinators for the B'day Blocks should be applauded!

I agree with the others, that forum activity reflects the
interests of the contributors. If you want it to go in a different direction, you need post what you want to discuss.
We all need/want variety.

I feel I am guilty of asking too many sometimes I don't post the question I have, because I think you all are tired of answering the same old questions, but it is always answered quickly and this group is very nice about sharing. Some other forums, beat you up and tell you to do a search. This is a great group of people on this forum.

I suggest that you try contributing more before you give up on this forum. I know I am interested in your quilting.

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Even though I have been here for a while I still feel pretty new to the forum but do notice ups and downs with controbutions.
I find the people here worth the trouble of visiting. When someone needs something-help-advice-ideas-materials-they are always there for one another.
I do the BDB exchange but avoid some of the others, but I still stop by to see what they do once in a while as it can be surprising what you learn or see in doing so.
I think of the QOD and do miss it. Perhaps it is as much my fault as others if I don't post. It does take time to do some of the things and many people are limited in what they have availabe.
All I can say is, please don't stop loving us we would really love to have your input.

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Darlene - I like the Question of the Day too, but don't think it's a lot of work for anyone. Lots of people have posted a question. There's no work to it at all! Just put QOTD in the topic heading, along with a short description and the date. Try it!

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I don't do swaps and I get ever so slightly annoyed with a solid page of post post post post about this or that swap. It's really slight, though, and the main reason I post less is that I'm a very boring quilter. I could post my projects everyday and you'd all be saying "WHAT? WHERE?" I've figured out my favorite everything and I putter along on some really, really, really slow projects. I was never the type who could do tutorials! I'm the type that needs tutorials! I really come here because I like the people and some of you actually do exciting things (I'm talking about you, Kate. Hop to It and the whole BOM thing was just a delight. But not just Kate!) I'll give it all some thought...surely there's something I could take a picture of...

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LOL - thanks Patsy, but I probably do the least exciting things of any person you've ever met! Well, except for that one thing that happened in Morocco........ [blush ;~))]

Personally, I love the 'little' posts about any size project, any question, anyone wondering about what color binding to use or type of thread or 'can I put lime green in with pink and puce?'. I like thinking about quilting, talking about quilting, looking at fabric, etc. I love coming here because all of you like the same thing!

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Over the years I have posted many times. This past year I only posted 18 times. I do find that I post more frequently when I can add my 2 cents to someones question, problem or pics. But when it's just swaps there is nothing I can add to or learn. I used to frequent this site at least once a day. I've joined in challenges, joined tutorials when someone was so kind to post them. But what I am trying to say is that I find I am losing interest. But if the majority of posts are swaps, that is what the members want. It can't be just what I want and I didn't intend for anything to be changed. Just stating a fact that "I used to love this site."

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Some of us have been here for awhile and every idea we have we say to ourselves "oh, this has already been posted". When we have newer people, it could be brand new to them. Maybe we need to think about re-addressing some of the old topics we covered three or four years ago for those who are newer.

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agnesd, please keep visiting. Your comments got lots of discussion started. I can only speak for the Birthday Block Exchange, but we would be happy for you to view our pictures, comment on our choice of blocks or colors, or to ask "How did you do that?"
I echo what others have said which is that the people who post to this board are very friendly and helpful and we (those like me are relative "newbies" - who have only been a member for about 5 years) would love to get to know you better.
Why don't some quilters who have been involved a long time tell us what used to be on the Quilting Forum? I started out with the Garden Forum back when Spike was here but didn't know for a long time that there was a Quilting Forum. Happy to have found all of you here!

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toolgranny - that is a great idea to post the "old quilting business" for those of us new to the art. I have accomplished so much recently and owe it mostly to the wisdom I get from this forum. You all are practical and real, and I cannot say how grateful I am that you share your knowledge.
Agnes - you sound like you have alot to share.

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Thought I would just add my two cents worth to this topic....
I haven't posted much here lately because "life" is getting in the way of my quilting. I tend to go to the forum that is related to my current issue....for the past couple of weeks I have had computer and caregiver issues, so my attention has been on those subjects. I read the quilting forum as well as several others every day. I just don't have a comment. I suspect that there are many of us who do this. Oh my, a new QOTD! Look for it!
Anyway, as a relatively new quilter, I have learned so much from the ladies on this forum that I can't even begin to sort out who, how, what or when. I love that we can just post/read whatever are current interests are. I don't do the swaps because I don't think my quilting is good enough to give to another quilter. My 1/4 seams are not always perfect, I have to fudge now and then when sashing or binding. and I really don't make many quilts. Smaller projects are more my speed.
Anyway, since I am babbling, I will close with "just stay tuned", this forum has its ups and downs and I see a "up" in the near future.
Thanks to all for whatever contribution you make to the forum. And thanks to Agnes, look what a response her post has gotten

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This was the first quilting forum where I became a member and it's still my favorite. Yes, it's slow sometimes and there could be improvements( that's true for everything), but it's small enough for me to get to 'know' the members. It's also small enough for me to enjoy without having to spend a long time at the computer.
I don't take part in the swaps or block lotto but I'm not bothered by their posts. I loved the challenges that Vicky had going...Pretty in Pink and Black and White and______ all Over. I didn't take part but enjoyed voting and looking at all the great entries.

I want to say thanks to all of you for the help you've given me when I posted questions.


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I don't do the swaps or lotto because I just don't have the time (I do plan to someday lol), but I enjoy seeing the pic the winners post and I always look at the lotto patterns.
I'm like Sharon, sometimes this forum is a pain in the A** to post on for me. I wish it was easier to post pics, but I still make the effort. This week has been better.
I think some members will not bother to post pics because some members will look and maybe admire but not post a response, it gives the impression that not many really cared to see it. We all have the same level of responsibility to keep the forum alive and well.
Just my humble opinion lol!!! I stay here even in the very low times because I have learned a lot from the members. Some have shared their heartbreaking times and some have shared their times of tribulation and I consider them my friends.
I think this forum is still the friendliest and we have a ton of talent here so I'm here for the long haul!.

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I've been on this forum since the very beginning, and I do understand what Agnes is talking about.

I remember the first few years with not many posters, but slowly growing. I remember the very first swap on the board, and still have the quilt from it.

I remember the middle years when the huge forum war broke out and a bunch of posters took their needles and left in a huff. I remember the scammer who fleeced several people out of quilts and money, and then tried again 6 months later - but, oops, she'd already posed as dead!

I'm guilty of not posting as frequently lately, too. Life sometimes does get in the way, and we had a difficult past few months.

I don't much like opening the forum and finding 5 or 6 birthday block posts at the top, but I agree, it's a good way to keep people on track. My one objection is that there seem to be many swappers who don't seem to participate in anything else.

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An excellent thread, got lots of us thinking.

Agnes, I'd encourage you to pls. stay & post a thread of particular interest to you.

I too don't do swaps or birthday blocks & go right past those posts to others in which I'm more interested.

I'm a lifelong artist & recovering textile designer >;).

Sometimes I'm a bit shy to post something because I'm rather confident of my talent but don't wish to appear immodest.

Perfect example, my new thread entitled "Want to See Some Pretty Batik".

It's my batik that I designed, batiked & quilted, yet I titled 'want to see some pretty batik'. I recently found the pix & still think the work is pretty & am happy to see it's held up over time. Am delighted to see the responses, no one is responding as if I'd been immodest, they are applauding the batik work, the design & the fact that I did it myself.

Moral of the story, I was interested in showing some of my early but beautiful work. I taught myself to batik when I was 14, learned to weave as a child, am steeped in textiles all my life.

So as suggested above, I posted something of particular interest to me & judging from the responses, I'm glad I did, folks don't seem to realize they too can do batik.

I particularly look for responses to pix of my work (am entering 2 quilts in a big NYC show tomorrow), both to be judged, pls. wish good thoughts my way on that. I was a solitary quilter, alone w/ my work & few folks to show it to for many years, so I regard it as a real bonus to be able to show folks my work & to invite feedback.

I also pay particular attention to giving good, specific & always constructive feedback to other folks' work & their pix.

As a designer, I'm often able to explain &/or clarify why some design works very well, while others works less well or minimally. Because I'm also the daughter of an artist, & went to art/design/textile school, this is all very 2nd nature to me, talking design, color, interpretation, etc.

So anyway, it's the responsibility of all of us to keep it interesting.

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Ha ha, Mary, I remember the "war" and the not quite dead. Also, the one that was passing other people's stuff off as her own and got caught. Naming no names :). Ah the good ol' days.

I've been around since '02 and here since '06. I do miss a few that were so talented that left during that time. Maybe they still lurk here.


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