HELP! Am I being ripped off? $10,000 to change depth

sunshelfAugust 17, 2011

I am currently in the process of getting a sport pool installed. I already have the shell shot. I now think that I made the shallow end too deep. It . It is now 4ft on each end and 5 feet in the middle. My pool is 120X40. I think it should be 3.6 on sides and 4 1/2 in middle. Any thoughts on 3.6 vs. 4 for shallow end?

Here is the kicker, my pool builder quoted me $10.000. to change the depth> This is outrageous, there is no way it would cost this must!!! Can you please help me with the realistic cost to change the depth 6 inches at this point? Problem is, he said if I didn't go with him, he would not honor the warranties for the rest of the pool? Thank you for your help.

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You mean 20x40, right? Because 120x40 is freaking huge and I would say it would cost more! Are they adding rebar? Or just more gunite? I don't know how much this all costs (I am new to a pool myself), but I am just curious. 6" doesn't seem like that much (although I know it is a lot of area to cover for the entire pool).

One note, our pool is 4' - 8'. Our kids cannot touch the bottom yet (with their head above water), but they have no problem whatsoever. All the adults can, however. We have only had our pool for a year and although I thought 4' was too deep (my wife wanted it so she could do flip turns while swimming), it has been just fine and when we go to pools that are 3 1/2' it feels really shallow (and kids always end up jumping into the shallow end, even if you don't want them to).

Either way, you should get what you want. I think 10k is complete BS, but they have where they want you. Did you ask about 3 3/4' just to see what the price would be? I don't think the depths are science, it is more like "art." They put the rebar in place and they shoot the gunite to about what the depth should be. I am pretty sure that there is not many places where our pool is actually of spec depth.

Just my thoughts and opinions, no expert, so take everything with a grain of salt.

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Sorry, Pool is 20X40 NOT 120X40.

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Thats 400 cubic feet (a little under 15 yards) and a crew to shoot/shape it. $10K may be a minimum to get the crew with the gear. Seems a bit steep.


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If I was doing it, putting in a layer of steel, raising the main drains, shooting the new floor, adjusting the step heights, $10,000 might be a touch high but not bad. Every market is different though.

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Thank you for your responses. The pool builder is saying that they aren't raising the main drains or adjusting the step heights, just adding 6 inches to each shallow end. In addition, they said they were not going to put in a layer of steel, they were going to use a special bonding material?

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I have yet seen a kid complain about the depth of our pool which is 4-5-4. Kids don't care and they grow.

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So theres a 6" hole where the drain is? Nice trip hazard. Tell him at $10,000, darn well better bring that drain pot up. That is gross stupidity if you accept it and that he suggested it.

Gunite on solid gunite doesn't require a bond coat, just a roughened surface.


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So....they propose raising only the shallow ends by 6", leaving the deep middle where it is?

How can they possibly raise the floor without changing the stairs? Will the rise on the last step be 6" less than it is now?

I recently finished a pool where through a misunderstanding the customer was unhappy with the profile of the floor in the shallow end. Since we were going back to pour his mechanical room footings anyways I shot 4 yards on the floor at no charge.

10K is sounding a little high

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Is the pool already plastered? If they change the depth, they would also have to redo the plaster. It sounds like it is priced to discourage you from doing it, but that may not be a bad idea. I wouldn't stress over inches.

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