Best finish for SNAKES

crosby1966August 3, 2011

First time poster...thanks for all the input from all. Building a 1150sq ft oasis shaped pool, 49000 gallons, 10' deep in end. Pool is for personal use but also church groups, etc. Live in the COUNTRY. Hole is dug but no gunite yet, killed a cotton-mouth in the deep end yesterday. Were looking at PB carribean or tahoe blue, or beadcrete laguna, but now are wondering if we will be able to see well, especially in the deep end, at night with those fineshes. are installing four or five pentair 5g lights. Will we still be able to see well (snakes and other critters) with one of the above mentioned finishes? Thanks. Also, would love to see pics of carribean blue Pebble Tec. thanks.

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I have Caribbean blue finish and it isn't at night that I have an issue seeing what is in the water. It is during the afternoon when the pool is in the shade with the sun in front of the house. The water gets very dark and much harder to see things. We have a small pool, 10K gallons, so I only have 2 5g lights. I got in the pool earlier this week after the pool was in the shade and didn't see a big bull frog swimming around until I was already in.

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Bet there weren't any bugs though.


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Thanks Flipp1105. Better a bullfrog than water moccasin!

So you guys don't think a white background finish PB tec product will make that much difference in locating snakes? Or you do?

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A lighter finish will make it easier to see things in the pool at anytime of the day. A lot of my friends have a lighter finish so that they can see more easily to keep track of their kids and guests while in their pools. Either way snakes will come to your pool. I have had my share of frogs, turtles and luckily only one small grass snake.

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Thank you for your input.

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I have Pebble Sheen in Aqua Blue and I can see the bottom of my pool very well in any light. I have a unnatural fear of snakes so I didn't even entertain the idea of anything much darker. We live on a private drive and one day when we were leaving we saw something in the road and it took up 1/2 of the 16' driveway. It was a huge, thick black snake. I have birds and squirrels that I feed and if I saw a snake in my pool I might never get in it again so I bught Dr. T's Snake Away and I will spread it after I get my fence. My husband is scared of them too. I would have to call my father in law at work to come and get it out if there was ever one in the pool.

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Fori is not pleased

Would it be silly to put in a ramp or something so that snakes and other critters could get OUT once they fall in? Not that you don't want to be able to look and see if they are there, because of course you do, but it might be nice if they were able to let themselves out if nobody is around...

My stupid dog can't even get out of the pool unless someone directs him to the steps, and he's a big guy (new to pools though).

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They make a device called a Frog Log...see it at the link below. sister has 2 of them in her pool and she swears by them...she's had moles, mice, frogs and other critters get out of the pool by themselves with the FrogLog.


Here is a link that might be useful: FrogLog website

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I agree that the Frog Logs work. I have 2 of them in my pool because I have a ton of frogs and toads in my yard and I have seen them with my own eyes in action. I put them before the skimmers so the frogs get to the Log before the skimmer sucks them in.

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