Please help me find a paint color

pumpkin_spiceMay 2, 2009

Hi all,

I'm struggling to find the right color for the walls in my laundry room and bathrooms. They all have the familiar '80s tile countertops and orangy oak cabinets. I'm look for something neutral that can liven up the rooms. It seems the warmer colors are clashing with the countertops and cooler colors make the orange in the cabinets pop out even more. Any ideas? I'm wondering if a warm gray might work. Or should I just leave it white? I hope to replace the countertops one of these days, but it's not in the budget right now.


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Since you are actually considering a warm gray, I am going to suggest going a bit further with RH Silver Sage. That color can rescue a room with orange-y oak and is a great color for a bathroom or laundry room. I looks great in sunny rooms and darker windowless rooms.

I know you wanted a neutral, but with the oak it won't scream blue. Or green. It whispers. And changes with the light. It is timeless. It should have it's own religion.

Right now it is easy to find accessories in any store to coordinate with RH SS so finding bath towels or soap containers won't be a challenge.

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Pumpkin, what other colors are in the surrounding area, such as in window treatments, upholstery, & other accessories? What color are your dishes that you eat off of most frequently? Answers to these questions will give us more clues regarding your space & what you like.

Also, are you open to painting the cabinets?

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Actually, without knowing more, I like Dilly's Silver Sage idea. If you don't have much money & effort invested in accessories at the moment, like she said, you'd have any easy color to work with. I also agree her thoughts about how it would merge harmoniously with your tile & cabinets.

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Although Dry Sage is very much related to Silver Sage, Dry Sage is a better application with oak due to the depth of the blues/greens in Silver Sage.

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Pumpkin, I have similar cabinets in my kitchen and both bathrooms. Stay away from yellow! In my bathroom I have a large medium dark gray tile on the floor and it looks really good next to the orangey oak, so maybe you can pull that off on your walls.

In my kitchen I also have the white tile and am going with a tannish gray sage on the walls. Warmer than Silver Sage (which is a beautiful color) and no blue read.

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Patricia, is the Dry Sage a new RH color? They are always coming out with new colors and discontinuing their 'seasonal' offerings of paint colors. I checked their website and did see a new color called *Light Silver Sage* and did not like the way it looked on my monitor. I think they are just cashing in on the popularity of the Silver Sage name and picked the name for their new color.

Dry Sage sounds interesting, like it would have more 'brown' to it. I am looking for something to repaint my bathroom, currently in RH Latte that I love, but I figure since I need to repaint due to some wall repairs made, I may as well change the color to something else. I like the quality of RH paints.

Here is a link that might be useful: RH Sage Line of Colors

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Dilly, Dry Sage is a timeless Ben Moore color. It's one I have seen and read about for years, with many people liking it for a combo with oak, since it works so well with wood. On the chip it looks very green, very 'sage' green. I have never used it till now, because I didn't want a room that screamed sage green. But Patricia helped me when I wanted a color to repaint my (red) entry and wasn't happy with the browns and grays I tried. She remarked how the Dry Sage looks soft green, then sometimes almost gray, and in some lighting situations, a soft blueish green. So I painted. In this shot it has leanings to brown on my monitor. But in real life, it's like I describe.


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I just painted my husband's office which has oak cabinetry like yours SW Austere Gray and it's a very nice combination. In bright natural light, the paint reveals its green, but in dim light, it appears more gray.

I decided on that color after trying a sample patch of Grassland (too yellow) and Comfort Gray (too blue). So on a whim, I mixed those two colors together 50/50 and got exactly what I wanted. Then I went to the SW fan deck and found a match to the mixture - Austere Gray.

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Dilly Dally, I don't trust the look of anything on my monitor, except perhaps in relation to something else. Whenever I pull up a chip on my computer, it's so far off how it looks in real life as to be useless. And my monitor is well calibrated.

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To answer your questions, I don't have many accessories in those rooms yet (new house) so it truly is a clean slate. Most of my home is painted Tobacco Road, except for the bedrooms which are a light gold (SW Ivoire). But as linelle pointed out, gold DOES NOT work in these bathrooms! Ick!

I tend to be drawn to "autumnal" shades, for lack of a better term -- rusts, tans, sage greens, golds, etc. My office is SW Grassland, so I am open to sagey greens, but I didn't want the bathroom to be too dark. I do like the look of Dry Sage in Red's photo, but it looks as if she gets a lot of natural light. I might pick up a sample though. I'll look at Austere Gray too. What's BM's name for Silver Sage again? I don't have access to RH but I do have BM.

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Austere Gray.

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BM 1570 Gray Wisp is the match I believe everyone refers to RH Silver Sage. At my recent trip to BM they didn't keep a paint chip for it out but you had to ask to see the fandeck.

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Thanks for the info redbazel. I never heard of Dry Sage how did I miss it? I usually do not click on the posts about paint color so I am out of the loop on that one. Thanks.

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If your room doesn't get a lot of light, why not go with the other hues you like in the warmer family: golds, rust etc. Grey/greens will make you look sallow in the mirror without a lot of light to balance it.

just a thought. ;-)

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I remember using BM (HC) Abbingdon Putty in my last house that had stained woodwork along the lines of your cabinet color. As I recall it was a soothing beige/green/gray and it really went well with the wood. Maybe someone has a more recent experience/photo ops of this color that could help.

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