JCENNSI: mono filament thread question

K8OrlandoMarch 5, 2011

This was posted earlier today on an old QOTD thread. I was afraid it would get lost if too few people saw it so I'm reposting it. Hopefully, if jcennsi checks back, they will see this post!


Posted by jcennsi (jcennsi@aol.com) on Sat, Mar 5, 11 at 9:09 under "QOD Machines" messages.

I'm trying to machine quilt with mono filament thread and the filament keeps breaking my stitch is set at 4.5 and tension 6 I have the motor slowed down and the thread in-between two pieces of felt and the spool is in a net sock. What am I doing wrong.

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Although I don't sew often with mono filament thread, I don't think I set the tension or stitch length as high as what the OP had.

Hoping that someone with more experience will post.

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One thing is are you using the correct needle? Jayne

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What would it take, Janye? 90?

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I don't set my tension that high. Try easing off on the tension a bit at a time while you sew samples till you get a number your machine likes. All machines have their own particular likes.

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I find a Metafil needle (normally used for metallic threads) quite helpful when using a polyester monofilament. I never use the nylon monofilament threads.

My tension is reduced, but only slightly.

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Is it being used in the bobbin? If it is, the tension while winding the bobbin may be too tight, stretching the mono filament, making the thread break. I don't use it often, but I have a stitch on my machine, that mimics hand quilting that requires mono filament thread to get that space - it is a real pain, but it looks wonderful. I have my settings for tension written down, but what is right for my machine is not going to be right for another.

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