vinyl pool steps

DeatAugust 10, 2011

Has anyone ever had pool steps built from pressure treated wood and attached and covered with the vinyl liner? I know they also use steel and concrete. Wondering which way would be the best. Busting up the concrete and putting in the plastic or fiberglass steps would be very expensive because of the area around the pool. If you have vinyl over steps, how long have you had them, any problems and would you do it over again?

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Take a look at the wedding cake steps. You can add these under a new liner without breaking concrete. I build alot of pools with vinyl over steps with no problems. If you let your water go they may get a little slick.

Here is a link that might be useful: steps

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Thanks, I have looked at the wedding cake steps and I like them but this dealer builds steps from wood and covers them with foam and attaches them to the sides of the pool under the liner. I have seen some like them but was wondering how they hold up compaired to others. I try to keep the water balanced at all times but I have been told they can get very slick. These will be going in a rounded corner. If we put them on a straight wall they will take up a lot of space in the shallow end.

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We have vinyl over steel steps and they are gorgeous. We keep our water as perfect as we can get it and they are never slippery. In fact, they are very durable and soft underfoot. They give the entire pool a very cohesive look. Our PB has been doing steps this way for over thirty years. Good luck!

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As long as you get assurance that there are not to be any Liner wrinkles on the steps. It should be ok..

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Excellent point Muddy_Water! There is definitely a trick to getting these steps right. Ours are completely wrinkle-free. Our good friends, who used the same PB, have a liner pool that is about 15 years old. Their liner was recently replaced, but their steps had not ever floated free. I could be wrong, but I believe water chemistry factors into this as well. Perhaps Scott might offer some insights on this issue.

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Liner over steps are typically locked in at the back bottom of each step with a rod. Its the corners and sides that often give problems.

Those with dogs should go with vinyl due to dog nails. Even clipped nails can poke holes, even with the use of thicker step material. Try teaching a lab or a boxer or other water loving breed its not allowed in the pool.

Excessive chlorine can cause vinyl to expand but this is not usually something that happens at the steps but rather more often is the result of tabs in the skimmer combined with a system that burps at startup. Another place this happens is the floor if powdered chlorines are just tossed in the pool and settle rather than mixed with enough water to pre-dissolve. This is why I use either Clorox or 12% liquid. Its much easier to disperse and mix with the rest of the pool water.


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Thanks for all the info. We are planning on going with the liner over steps. They do look really good in the pool and the ones we have talked to that had them were very pleased. We also have a lab and he thinks he has a very large water bowl, So far he has not offered to get in the pool even though he loves water and I certainly hope he contiunues to stay out of it.

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If the liner is measured correctly the step rods don't have to be Installed but you may ask How are you going ro install the step rods on wooden steps? The chemical burns on a liner are caused by a imbalance of the water. Like very low PH or Improper methods of adding chemicals to your pool is another way of bleaching the pattern off of your liner.

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The rods have straps to hold them that get screwed in flush, typically at the riser's base so they don't get stepped on.


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