Are they playing games with us?

AccoFebruary 27, 2013

We have received an offer on our condo, but the buyer's agent is behaving oddly. We're not sure what to make of this... my husband thinks they're doing it on purpose (playing games with us, not being serious) to try to get negotiating power over us or something. I think the buyer's agent is simply really bad at his job. What do you make of this?

The buyer's agent keeps "running out of time" to meet with his clients, which is dragging out this whole process. After a second showing, their agent told ours they'd be writing us an offer on Tuesday. On Tuesday, buyer's agent said he ran out of time, and would submit the offer on Thursday instead. On Thursday, he ran out of time.. again.. (and also apparently went out of the country??) and said we'd get the offer on Sunday. We finally did get the offer on Sunday, later than he said, on an outdated form with incomplete information. My agent had to get the correct form and missing information for him, which delayed things, so we were finally able to counter offer on Monday. We gave them a deadline of late last night (Tuesday) and once again, their agent ran out of time, and asked for an extension through this afternoon. We're less than 2 hours away from the new deadline, and I wouldn't be surprised if he manages to delay it once again.

This is not normal behavior from an agent, right? I know if my agent did this to me, I would be really ticked off. Do you think my husband could possibly be right that they're messing around with us? Husband thinks they lowballed us, but I don't think that was their intent... I think it's a first time buyer who thinks he's supposed to offer low to start out with, so that by the time the negotiations are done we meet somewhere in the middle.

So, I'm once again nervously waiting (ever waiting...) to see what they come back with. Hoping they DO respond this time. I sure hope we can make a sale come of all this.


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I would chalk it up to a bad agent with poor time management skills.

I don't know where you're located, and it may not matter. When people hear on the news about the "bad" real estate market, it doesn't matter. They assume it's a bad market everywhere and buyers are getting deals. The buyer wants one too, thus the "lowball." It's not personal.

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I'm wondering if this is somebody who has a day job and does real estate on the side. And then he also has poor time management skills. I also don't think it's personal, or a ploy of any kind. Don't let it get into your head.

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This buyer's agent is an idiot. If he/she can't stay late to write an offer, which makes them money, they are clearly an idiot. Agents that are successful work 80+ hours a week so I laugh pretty hard when I hear "I ran out of time" from an agent. From your perspective this is not a serious buyer and you should make sure your agent isn't wasting an exorbitant amount of time on them and neglecting other potential buyers. The sale of your condo should not hinge on a single buyer. Make sure you've depersonalized your entire home and staged it so it looks its best.

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