Looking for quilt pattern After the Storm

loraleeMarch 11, 2012

I saw this kit in the Collecting Threads Fall catalog on page 12 and it came with the pattern. Of course by the time I got around to order the kit they were out of it.

They do not sell the pattern separately. I found that the Around the World pattern is similar. I would like the center to be exactly like the on in After the Storm. The picture in the catalog on page 12 does not copy well enough for me to post the design that I am looking for.

Does anyone have this pattern?

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Julie, I have to hitch up the wagon and go shopping today.
I looked at Connecting Threads and they don't show the kit anymore. I love the Romanace fabric line!!!
I will look for my Fall catalog when I get back. Can you post a pic even if it is not a good one?

We have some expert quilters here and I am certain someone can help you figure out the center.

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Loralee, I googled this thinking I could find a picture of it for you but mostly I just found posts on other forums asking the same thing. Is everyone looking for this or are all those posts from you? I'm certain someone here can help you find it.

I saw some comments that it was a Trip Around the World pattern, just set on point. Is that correct? If we can see a picture, we can work out a pattern.


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I will find a link to the photo of the quilt. I tried to copy a picture from the catalog but it was too blurry.

All those posts may be from me. I know there was one other lady for it but it was still available at the time and she bought the kit for i t.

It is just set on point and would be easy for someone that is used to figuring out how to make up a quilt. I will get back to you soon having computer issues and waiting for a phone call back about it. Thanks.

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Here is the link to the picture of the After the Storm quilt. I have a picture on my computer but could not figure out how to upload the photo of it.

If someone can tell me how to upload the photo I can put it on this MB. I have the photo in photobucket.


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The way the quilt is laying in the chair makes it hard to see. The blocks are diagonally and the center looks like a rectangle

The reason I want this pattern is the center of the quilt looks like a rectangle even through they are done diagonally. I think this is because of the placement of the colors of blocks.

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That link just took me to a message board but the pictures weren't visible to me. If it looks like a rectangle in the center, just use the same color for the center block and the 4 adjoining it. Cut them all the same size as your other squares. When it's put together, it will look like a rectangle or a cross.

If you have graph paper, color it in with a pencil and you'll quickly see how it goes together.

If you don't have graph paper, go here: Free graph paper downloads. You can even choose graph paper with the squares on-point. Cool, right?

Here's a link to photo posting instructions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easy Photo Posting Instructions

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Thank you both Kate and Rosa for helping me.

Someone has put the quilt together I believe with some sort of software from the information I gave. Pretty cool.

So you will know what I was looking for here is the picture. (I hope). The quilt is down in the right hand corner of the photo. Laying in the chair you do not see the quilt center.

I think with the graph paper I can now plan the quilt.

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Copy the HTML code under your Photobucket picture instead of the IMG code:)


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It's very pretty.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Loralee that is a pretty quilt!! Kate has a good suggestion to color the graphs to see where you will place each colored squares.

All of the squares are the same size (probably about 5 inches), the rectangles in the center are created by placing the same colored squares together.

A diagonal row starts on the left with one square and a triangle sewn one the left side, and one on the top and bottom.

The next row will be 3 squares with triangles sewn on the top and bottoms abd sewn tthe right side of row one.

It keeps growing (adding to the right side)until you reach the center and then you start to decrease.

I'll find a more detailed instruction for you tomorrow.

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I saw the error of the image code right after posting the link. but I have been timed out or what ever since that post. Hopefully I can get in now to post the image in this post.

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I have the book Traditions with a Twist and this pattern is in it....they call it Baby Trip Around the World and it is a variation of Trip Around the World. I found these placemats that you can see the blocks more clearly. You still sew strip sets like a Trip Around the World but the strips are so the squares look like they are on point when all sewed together.

I would post pictures of what's in the book, but I don't want to get into any copyright issues.


Here is a link that might be useful: placemats

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yes this is it and would be the very center of the quilt. Who publishes the book that you have?

I want 5 inch blocks would I set up the center blocks and then just keep adding my design until I get the row as wide as I want it to be and same with the length?

Can you tell me what size the blocks are in the baby blanket?

Thank you for posting it.

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This pattern is also called "Boston Commons", and there are many sites with free instructions.

The isn't any "center rectangle" - it's just squares. Your placement of the colors will determine the final look of the quilt.

It is one of my favorites for baby quilts. I use either a 2" or a 3" square.

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Oh, and I don't cut or sew any triangles, either.

The quilt is all squares sewn in diagonal rows. I sew all squares, using a full square for the outside edges. These squares make a zig-zag edge, and I then trim them off, leaving the 1/4" seam allowance.

I do use some strip sets, but I graph out the quilt in advance, so I know what I need, and there will always be some places where you will need to use just a square or two.

Then add a border or not, as you see fit.

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Thanks Mary, I bet it would be pretty in a 3" block for a baby quilt. A friend called me last Friday and thought it was a Boston Commons but I searched and searched and never found one like it. You are correct this is what it looks like.

Rosa, I can't wait to hear back from for more specific directions. Today, I cut out some paper templates and think the 5 inch minus the seams would be about right or something close to this size of block.

I am getting so excited. I have read over the steps you posted and think I am going to need to cut out some blocks to see what you are telling me. I won't start cutting until I get more instructions.
Besides this is a really busy week for me no playing this week.

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Loralee, The quilt in Traditions with a Twist starts with 2 1/2" strips so the little squares end up at 2 inches. Although, I'd think you could make them any size you wanted. I Googled Boston Commons and found a site with pictures that will give you an idea of how it's put together on the diagonal. She starts with 3 1/2" strips.


Here is a link that might be useful: Boston Commons in progress

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Here is the link to part 1&2 of E. Burns video for her Boston Commons.

Our library system carries many of her Quilt in a Day books, check yours out.

She makes her quilt as mentioned above, not using triangles but cut the squares even after sewing it all together.

I didn't watch all of the video 'cause about half is Boston history lol!!!! She is great 'cause she goes into a lot of detail!

Here is a link that might be useful: E. Burns Boston Commons videos

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Sharon thanks for the link it is nice to be able to see the work in progress. I was wondering how to get the fabrics just right for the pattern to be correct.

Is she really using 21 different fabrics? The quilt I did last summer used 12 and I had a hard time picking out 12 fabrics.
Rosa thanks for the video links. I will need to watch them on my lap top at the library. I have a very slow internet connection and lately it has been so slow that I can't even get on line.
Hopefully in the next day or two I can go to the library to watch the video. I have learned how to download them to my lap top and then I can watch them over and over again if I need to at home without going through the internet.
I may need to have a pattern that will tell me how many colors and how to place them together for everything to line up and how much of each fabric. I don't want to short change myself on the fabrics. I did that last year. I purchased what I thought was enough and a little extra. Then my brother got cancer and I took care of him. By the time I was able to cut out the quilt and start to sew the fabric stores didn't have the fabric. I was able to look on line and find it and how lucky I was to locate the two pieces that I needed.
Sharon thanks for finding the pattern on line. Seems like when ever I do a google search I seldom come up with what I want. I tried last night and again this morning. No luck and I come here and you have searched and found a picture.

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loralee, You are very welcome......it's what we do here. Just try to help each other the best we can.


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Loralee, just some things to consider, in case you haven't.

I really would diagram this quilt with graph paper before purchasing fabric, especially if you want the concentric rings look. You can graph out 1/4 of the quilt and extrapolate. But you might be surprised at the amount of yardage some of the colors take, especially on the outside edges,

I hope you've measured the 5" finished square on the diagonal - it's closer to 7" when set on point, and you need to take that into account when planning the final layout. 5" squares can look huge on point, and if you want many rings of color, may be too large for your design.

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One more thing to consider: just because a pattern was made with 21 fabrics doesn't mean you need to do that. Don't be afraid to use a fabric twice. Graduate from dark to light to dark again, or place them in any color pattern you like. There aren't any rules here! Have fun and do what pleases you.

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