I need Serious Input Please!!!!!!

colorblind1961August 31, 2013

We have an 8 year old 33,000 gallon Anthony & Sylvan built pool. For about 5 years years now (I've posted on this in the past) crater like formations have been slowly appearing all along the bottom of the pool. These craters are covering about 50% of the bottom of our pool now. Some you can put the tip of your finger in. Our water is tested weekly and pretty much spot on chemically.

Now we are being told that we have to renovate (about 10K). This is where I need input. Is there a way to skim the pool (like you would spackle a wall) and re-paint? Why do we have to take down the existing plaster, shoot new gunnite and re-paint?

Here are a couple of pics.

Awaiting your replies. Thank you!

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The spots on the pool appear to be what we would call etching of the pool plaster. This etching can be caused my many factors, pool chemicals, poor plaster in the beginning..... The spots appear to be to numerous just to just "patch", and in most cases the patch sticks out like a sore thumb. In my experience, as I have been doing remodeling for 15 years you do not need to remove all of the existing plaster and you definitely don't need to re-gunite. The process of replastering a pool in simplicity is this; saw-cur under the tile line and remove approximately 4" - 6" of the plaster also remove the existing plaster around the jets and the lights so that the new plaster can be "feathered" in to the tile and lights and will not protrude out from these areas. Then we do an acid wash on the interior surface and apply a bond-coat of cement and bonding agents to the surface of the pool. Once the bonding agent is dry, usually about a day the pool is ready for the new interior surface of what ever you choose. I will not comment on painting of pools as I have little experience in that area except that I have to sand blast the paint off when I come across one to replaster.
Hope this helps.

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Yes, thank you. So this process in your opinion would run me about $10,000? I'm assuming very labor intensive.
Thanks Again!

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I don't know about your market but in the Dallas area wher I am from. I feel that it would be approximately half that.

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If I had that issue 3 years into my pool, my PB would have covered the fix. All my friends that have AS pools have early issues.

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I personally would never have a pool built by A&S...we bought the home as second owners. A&S will NOT cover this as a second owner, so here we are looking at a reno 7 years in.

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