How to get permit for already finished basement ?

msypFebruary 11, 2013

We have finished basement about ten year ago, contractor did it. We did not get permit at that time. Now we plan to sell our house and our township is asking for permit. We have started to call general and electric contractors and most tell us that they do not do checking of finished basements for the purpose of getting permit. Any suggestions on what we can do to get permit ? Thank you for all replies
Many thanks for all replies

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What does the township suggest?
What did the guy who did the work say when you asked for the permit?

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Fori is not pleased

I'd ask the agency responsible for granting the permit what's required.

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I had a similar situation when I sold my mother's house. I simply went to the town and spoke with them in person. I told them the work was done several years before, but we didn't know a permit was needed for this type of work. We apologized and asked them what to do.

They were very nice about it. They just said we had to apply for the permit retroactively, the inspector had to inspect, and that was that.

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Contractors do not inspect things for permits. Your code inspectors do that. You would need to make an appointment with them and discuss the issues pertaining to the lack of permits. They could be nice and let you ":get by" and just pay the cost of the permit. Or, they could be rigid and technically correct by requiring that you rip everything out that was done that wasn't permitted and then fine you.

Where IS the contractor whose services you engaged and who failed to follow proper procedure?

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Also, in most towns it means you haven't been paying RE taxes on those improvements for the last 10 years. You might be fined for the permit and taxes owed.

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