How do I lower water without a main drain

SpeckledhenAugust 23, 2012

Hello All - My CYA is over 100 and I need to dump some water and add fresh. My problem is that I don't have a main drain so I can only lower the water to the lowest point on the skimmers (2). I don't think that will be enough. I was thinking of getting a fitting to plug into the 1.5" line in the bottom of my skimmers that can have a flexible hose attached to it. I would then snake the hose out of the skimmer door and down into the pool. What does anyone think??

My info is as follows: 16x23 IG vinyl. 2 skimmers, 3 returns, 15,500 gallons, chlorinator (the culprit). My CYA is about 125. Any idea how much water needs to be exchanged? Thanks!

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You can rent a pump at a tool rental store. Some Home Depots have a rental section too. Then refill and restart the pool.


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Thanks Scott. I have a sump pump that I can use, but that still leaves me with the issue of running the output to the street. It also only has an attachment for a garden hose. I was hoping to use the pool pump and the discharge hose that are already in place. Can I run the sump pump into the skimmer? Thanks!

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"Can I run the sump pump into the skimmer? "

Not the discharge side, the suction side,

I do recommend automatic style pumps. If you have a swim out with a step, that step is the perfect height.

They usually have garden style hose connections. Run it where ice formed at the discharge area won't create a nuisance or hazardous condition.

Snow loads on covers displace water until the ice on the surface can support it. Water displaced by a snow load needs to be kept off tile. Automatic pumps handle that. That's important when it's cold outside.


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