Pull-out drawer in base cabinet

sail_awayMarch 9, 2013

We're getting new granite countertops shortly (on our original cabinets), and while I have the base cabinets and drawers emptied, I'd like to do something I've wanted to do for several years---get pull out wooden drawers for the two shelves in a 24-inch base cabinet. Any recommendations where I might buy these or what type I should get?

While I'm at it, is there anything else I should be sure to do before templating and/or installation of the granite? Or anything I should be sure to ask or tell the fabricators when they template the counters?

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Shelf Genie is one name for converting lower cabs to pull outs or roll outs (rots) drawers. Google that and branch out from there. hth

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Ikea has them too...

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Good morning Sail-Away,

The website below sells them in various widths/heights.

Also, in the lower left panel of the website there are several "Need to know" links that you may find provides some helpful information for your planning.


Here is a link that might be useful: Slide Out Shelves website

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I'm not sure if you have anything in your dead corner. Mine was to small for lazy Suzan. I bought two mesh shelves and put them side by side, on bottom of one I put a spinner, and attached it to bottom of cabinet. On top I put mesh basket, did not attach and made sure I could turn it. In basket is my good processor, George Forman etc. on spinner is electric knife, chopper emerser,DH's grater too. On the other shelf I have a basket on top which is where I keep warranties and manuals,bottom shelf is empty,because to hard to reach. With the addition of pullout drawers in all lower cabinets I also made dummy drawer under sink a pullout for sponges,and made real drawer under cook top. For same kitchen cabinets I have a lot more room and am able to organize better. Enjoy your new kitchen.

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Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions and links. I THINK the one tmy sent is what I'm looking for, but I'm checking them all out.

Ilene, Thanks for the suggestion for the corner cabinet. I had a blind corner cabinet in an earlier home, many years ago, where that would have been helpful. However, my one corner cabinet does have a built in, very sturdy lazy-susan type organizer, which I love. I just overlooked this one base cabinet that has never functioned properly, so I want to finally address it.

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Here are a couple more along the lines of what tmy posted.

Shelves that slide - we ordered from them and liked what we got

Slide out Shelves, via Costco

Hope those are helpful - happy shopping!

Here is a link that might be useful: shelves that slide

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Yes, it is helpful, Karin. I especially appreciate recommendations to someplace you've had dealings with. i'll check them out for sure. Thanks so much.

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