Help!! Not happy with pool issues!!

keyd2rydeAugust 31, 2011

We had a pool installed this summer. There are a few different issues I am trying to get help on. I will list them out here.

1. There was a crack in the structure below our 20x40 vinyl pool. There was a huge tank below the pool found in excavation. The installer tried to pack the bottom down to fix the problem, but it still cracked. He came out to fix it, but it is now jagged and uneven and I am worried about the liner over this. He told me that a repair can never be smooth like the initial install. i just can't imagine that jagged and rough and uneven is the only option. He said the material that fixes the cracks is totally different and it can't be finished the same as concrete. Is this true and I just have to live with it? He offered to come back and drain the pool AGAIN at the end of the season and see if he can make it better but I am worried about the stress on the walls and liner to have it drained and filled again. Help??

2. The steps are thermoplastic and installed under the coping. When the gentlemen came to install the liner, he got to the step and said "Man, they installed it upside down." I wondered what he was talking about. He said he could fix it and cut the tops of all the side pieces of the faceplate for the steps off about 2". I have never had a pool and figured it would be okay in the end. and that he knew what he was doing. He seemed confident, my error for being trusting. Well as you can see by the pictures, it isn't. The top of the liner is above the faceplate of the step and is not cut neatly and is open to the back of the liner and wall. The top of the edges of the faceplate are cut and not even. No cap on top of any of the sides. The installer told me that is how they are finished. I am not able to find any pictures of steps like mine, installed that I can see close enough to see how the faceplates look. I can't imagine anybody would have steps like this if that is how it is supposed to look. Is he telling the truth or did his guys mess up? If it is messed up, is there any way to fix it?

3. I will put this here only because you can see it in the picture with the steps. I have a thread posted under gallery that just addresses the coping. The concrete is flaking, different colored, rocky and rough in spots and not finished off well at all. There are more than a couple cracks already, some in the lines made in the concrete and some on the coping itself. Some start just above the liner. Is there any option to clean this up without having to redo all of the concrete?

I just want my pool to look nice�

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: pool pictures

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WRT to the steps, the tops of the gaskets could have been a little neater but seem to be fine.

The floor is a slightly different matter. The inlying cause must be cured first. That would involve removing some of the floor and refilling the void as needed. It is not impossible to make it reasonably plumb to the existing floor so it isn't seen under the liner.

Without pictures of the decking, we can't comment on what we don't see.


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The steps look ok and should not be any issues for you later on but when they reset the liner they could clean it up a bit at the same time.. Removing and reseting the liner is not a problem for 3yrs after a new liner is installed and should not be a issue. The sink area is the big problem and may give you wrinkles in the liner because it has been stretched to the void in the floor. Patching can be done to look good on the floor if it is done correctly. But as Scott said it needs to be filled completely or it will happen again. As for the decking look at Spray Deck to cover the poor finish job if the concrete is sound. Your builder should help with it if it is indeed poor workmanship.


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Thanks Scott and Rusty. I have contacted the builder and asked about putting new faceplates on the sides when the jagged edges are smoothed out. After they "fixed" the crack, it has not cracked again. It is just the sloppy finish work that I am upset about.
The pool builder did not do the concrete. Tried to give the job to someone in the friend network that did concrete. My mistake. The pool contractor offered to do the spray deck next spring after a few cracks had started to clean it up for a discount because he felt bad and it was his name that people still think of when they look at the pool even though he didn't do the concrete. I will try to post some pictures of the cracks along the coping with the sloppy edges. Thank you for your help!

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