Aquapure 1400 cell replacement warning

Shannon01August 9, 2012

We had to install new cell. Ordered the new version, thanks Jandy for making a new one. We figured we might have to alter pipes a bit, and we did. The ends screw off, remove old one, screw new one in..... No, the new one is different size. But it has the sensor right on it which is probably better than it being down the line. But, there are always buts, the sensor is part of the piece that screws into the cell unit. So, if you aleady have a brand new sensor on your line it won't work. Luckily the new cell came with the sensor, some dont.

WARNING- depending on motherboard, there is a little sticker inside control box, you connect the new cell line to chip that attached to the motherboard. Depending on your sticker number you may need a little extention to go from new cell line to the chip. There is not enough room inside box and I think the new chip hits the cover or something. IT DID NOT COME WITH OUR NEW CELL. We have to get one now. So annoying.

But the new cell worked, pool is now back on saltsystem. We just have to get that little extension part

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