Help with brackets/other support for quartz

Molly PhillipsMarch 11, 2013

We're having an arch on our peninsula to allow for seating. Peninsula is 85" long and 3" wide (of base cabinets). I'll call it a rainbow for help visualizing.

The end of the rainbow (against the wall) will stick out 7", then it will slowly arch out to 16", then back to 7" on the other side. Quartz is 3 cm thick with no plywood underneath.

What do we use to support the extended counter? How many do we need? Should I ask our fabricator to provide it? If we don't use plywood, how do the brackets attach to the quartz?

I'd like to find something that's hard to see - I don't really care about a beautiful decorative bracket. I REALLY don't want to have something that we hit all the time with our legs, as we'll be sitting at that counter.

FWIW, cabinets are white shaker and we plan to have a simple molding on the back side of the peninsula.

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Look at doing the CounterBalance steel support system. But, it's not the counter fabricator's place to install counter support. It's the cabinet installer's job. You do NOT want counter fabricators touching your cabinets. At all.

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We used Fastcap's Stealth Speed Braces to support the 12" overhang on our new Cambria quartz countertops. The braces are not visible, and no banged up knees when seated at the eating bar. Love 'em!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fastcap Stealth Speed Brace

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Molly Phillips

Thank you! Since I see the "cabinet installer" whenever I look in the mirror, I'll speak with that person. :)

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Here is our support:

This bar system was installed by the granite fabricator/installer. He routed a channel into the top of the cabinets the exact depth of the bar so the granite sits flat on top of the cabinets. You never have your knees bashing into a support. We, too, did our own cabinet installation and this was not in our skill set. The granite guy does it all the time.

I was unclear on your rainbow description, but just in case you were asking about another kind of a support, here is where our granite crosses the open space over the dishwasher and butts into the side of the pantry:

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