Faucet placement for a D shape sink?

geomegMarch 3, 2013

I'm trying to figure out a sink and faucet, which is turning out to be difficult!

The current plan calls for the sink cabinet to be 25.25 ", the run it's on is only 96" and we will be putting a DW, it is a L shape.
I've found a D shape Blanco sink which measures 22.5" wide and 20.5" front to back.
Our counters will be granite and 25.5", and I've now realized that perhaps the faucet will not fit behind the sink???

Do all D shape sinks have the faucet off to the side?
I'm thinking I should have the cabinet made to 27" in order to facilitate finding a sink...

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Faucet goes to the side.

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I thought so... Unfortunately I don't really like that look...now what...
Making the sink base bigger makes my corner cabinet door really narrow.
Any reccs for a sink that will fit in a 25" cabinet?

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Seems like these should work:



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Thanks Angie.
I've looked at both those sinks, the Elkay I can't find in Canada anymore.
They both say 27" cabinet but I think they would fit the 25...

I'm looking at a Krauss 23" undermount that I can get online.

Any experience with Krauss?

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Yeah, it seems to me that they only specify the cabs in which a sink will fit to the standard 3" increments. A 25.25" cabinet should have 23.75" interior dimensions. Generally, your installer needs some room for clips to attach to the counter, but he or she could always use a Sinksetter to obviate that need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sink Setter

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Angie- My cabs are frameless, so by my calculation should have a 24" interior.

I think I may go ahead and ask them to make the kitchen cabinet 27"...I'm driving myself crazy looking at sinks...

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I was also assuming frameless; I was assuming 0.75" walls, to be on the safe side. From your answer, I gather you have 5/8" walls. But our calculations only differed by 1/4", so I doubt it will make a difference! :-)

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Thanks Angie ! I'm still looking at sinks online ... Franke, krauss, kohler, blanco???? I can't pick!!!

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Do you like more rounded corners or corners with a smaller radius? I like rounded myself, but lots of people here like the look of the small-radius sinks.

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I have a Blanco silgranite D-shaped sink (Diamand U 1 in Canada) in a 26 1/2" cabinet. I can put my hand up either side of the sink between the bowl and the cabinet wall, so this could perhaps have been slightly narrower. The flange around the top of the sink is about 1" wide and the actual sink measures 24" across with 22" bowl. My cabinet is actually 27" deep though 1 1/4" of that is the backsplash which is the same 3 cm granite as on the counter. It was very tight, but the granite people cut the basin hole starting 3 1/2" back from the edge and there is also 3 1/2" at the back between the bowl and the back splash - just room to put the faucet in the middle of the D shape. Do you have room to bring your counter out a couple of inches?
If you would like, I could post a picture for you tomorrow.

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Carol thanks so much! I would really appreciate a picture!

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