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bhbqxeAugust 24, 2013

We are having a freeform pool put in. Average width 15ft X 28ft long. Shallow end 3ft and deep is 6ft. They started the process on 8/22, clearing the sod and digging, right after the hole was dug I thought the slope looked steep. I figured I would let it go and see how the steel looked. They put the steel in yesterday and it still looks very steep to me. There is a large 3 ft deep area and then it appears to drop off to the deep end. I called my main contact, (have not had contact with the project manager yet) and explained my concern and he told me that I will be very happy with it, I would not like it to slope from 3 to 6ft, it's going to be uncomfortable. I'm thinking I don't want it to be shallow and then drop off. My husband likes it the way it is but I'm concerned and don't want them to shoot the shell if I won't like it. I had imagined it the whole time just gradually getting deeper from 3'-6'.
Any opinions about a gradual slope or a larger shallow end and then deep would be greatly appreciated.

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Picture of the slope, the gravel area is the deep end. I

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I have a gradual slope and like it. I remember being in friends' pools growing up and they were more like you describe - shallow, steep slope, deep.
I think it mostly depends on how you're going to use the pool.

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They came out yesterday and told me because of the length of my pool it has to be like that. They said it's a 7:1 ration slope and that is code in Florida. They adjusted it a little but insist that when completed it will be fine. Thank you for your input.

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