PB wants $7k for a heat pump. That sound outrageous to anyone?

barbjaAugust 25, 2011

In a meeting with my PB a couple of days ago I saw that they charge $7k for a heat pump. Does that sound out of line?

I want to heat my pool, but I didn't expect a heat pump to be THAT much. More like $4-5k.

I would really prefer solar, but I don't have much south-facing roof, and what I do have is hipped, so it isn't so good for solar panels. I'm going to see if they'll install one of those solarattic units.

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Hi barbja, we were quoted $5,000 for a heat pump. It probably has a lot to do with the size of your pool and location. Our pool/hot tub is 22,000 gallons and we're in New England. FYI - we ended up going with the gas heater as it made more sense for our needs. Good luck!

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I think the physical heat pump costs around $2500-$3500 depending on the size. Electrical work (probably need to bring in a bigger electrical panel), + Labor. I believe ours cost 5k on top of our pool install. I am in New England, and I love that our pool is nice and warm all the time (heat pump runs an hour or so each morning to make up for the nights loss).

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You should check out poolheatpumps.com. I do not work for them. I did buy our heat pump there and they have great prices. I can't remember who we had install it, but it was not very expensive installation and their prices can't be beat.

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