Marcite $19.49 FL Gem $21.50

lindamarieAugust 9, 2008

Why would anyone use Marcite white pool plaster, when the cost of Florida Gem is only $2 a bag more?

I must have the worst pool replaster in the world. I told the pool guy I did not want plain white plaster. I wanted Diamond Brite. He said he got a great deal on white Marcite.

How stupid am I? I had no idea. If you saw my post on sloppy Marcite you have an idea where I started with this mess.

This pool guy didn't even know how to estimate the amount of material the pool would need. Then he tried to apply the plaster very thin, hoping I wouldn't notice. When I saw the bottom at 1/4" to paper thin. I went and got 12 more bags of Marcite. Then I realized it wouldn't be enough because he had used 10 bags for the first thin coat. We did need more plaster for the steps and area in front of the steps.

I had to wait till the pool supply got more plaster. Well the truck came in and the white plaster was not on it. So it was suggested I used bone. When I looked at the bone color it was too tan. I chose Biscayne blue trying to get one with a whiter base color. Then I asked about the price difference and when he showed me the list I saw thta there was only a $2.00 a bag difference! I was shocked. I would have paid $40 a bag or more to have the FL Gem and not white plaster.

So now I have a sloppy white plaster job with a Biscayne Blue patch looking thing and steps. And the stupid pool guy quit on the steps and left ME trying to smooth the holes and bumps in the finish.

This looks really bad. I told him I would call him. But I have no intention of calling him. I do not want him here again for other reasons I can't type here.

Our plan is to see how long this lousy job lasts and have the pool redone by real professionals with refernces and a warranty.

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Having read several of your posts, I am so sorry to hear that your situation has gone from bad to worse. So sorry to hear your news, but thanks for posting for the benefit of others (and I am sure you needed to vent a bit too). I would have thought that in FL you would have many of the most experienced pool contractors around. Is "Florida Gem" a private lable brand or copycat product of Diamond Brite as I have not heard of it up North? What is the information regarding how many square feet of coverage you are supposed to get per bag from this product? Was it printed on the bag/product info and does it state how thick the plaster is recommended to be applied? Do you have any recourse if these instructions weren't followed by your contractor? It is a shame you didn't get even the color you wanted. You might have thought from some of the pricing info on finishes that others have shared that the product cost of the colored finishes would have been much more, so I can certainly understand. Sorry again, and hope things work out better for you in the future.

By the way . . . for those who may know . . . is there an industry standard for the thickness of the plaster finish on a new pool or replastering job? Does this standard vary by the type of product?

Anyway, here is a link that may be helpful. PageId=33434&orgId=npc

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njfolks, Thanks for your kind words.

I am in MS. FL Gem is made by FL Stucco in FL. I believe it is similar to Diamond Brite.

There is no instructions on the bag or suggestion as to how many sq' it will cover. It does have disclaimers and state for professional application.

I was told by the manufacturer that is is to be applied at 1/4", allowed to set up adequately and built up to 3/8" on the walls and 1/2" on the floor.

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